Kassem Mosse ajewa

June 26, 2017
little question. He posted a picture on May20, 2016 on his facebook which says: Born With A Smile On My Face 6:35.
Does anybody know if this is supposed to be a track or release? I heard rumors saying so.

Kassem Mosse sonofawidow

September 19, 2017
only match i can make is a 1975 3-minute single with that exact title by some pop singer named Stephanie De Sykes. possibly related? maybe he made an edit of the track, maybe not. Gunnar's catalog and aesthetic is esoteric as fuck, so who knows with this dude?

Kassem Mosse as reviewed by leonce

June 21, 2013

Here you can get a copy of a mixtape from Kassem Mosse / Mix Mup on a limited and numbered cassette tape;,produced exclusively for this campaign! Comes in a hand-printed silkscreen sleeve.

Kassem Mosse yogabbagabbaman

December 22, 2011
edited over 5 years ago
Man you can't buy shit for Kassem in the US... .