Junior Vasquez Vinson_Vinson

December 11, 2020
Junior Vasquez! I have witnessed all of Juniors live shows on a weekly basis. These tracks were all mostly remixed live and yes the personality always came out! This is what we expected, good or bad (hahah). Between his work and the performers it was a extravaganza. Madonna, Led Zeppelin, Rickie Lee Jones, and yes Peter Gabriel but there are so many more. I have them all and relive them always... You can't take anything from this queen. He has done things that no other producer has done. His personality is what made the show what it was till the lights went on, and that was the worst part. We never wanted him to stop (unless he was having a fight with his boyfriend). Truly one of the best if not the! The spot light!!! Sadly its impossible to find any of the unreleased tracks for good reason. I think that's great. These day it's all about bottle service. If I have $$$ it doesn't matter.

Junior Vasquez Mobyfan2001

July 30, 2020
I’m surprised to read that this guy is 71. I thought he would be more 51 or possibly 61. In his 20’s and 30’s he was unheard of.

Junior Vasquez Freudian_Lisp

March 26, 2021
In his 20s? He was in his 20s in the 70s. I don't think he was playing house then.

Junior Vasquez dj_norf_yurksha

August 11, 2020
Yes, I knew he was older than most but thought he was a good 10 years younger. He physique knocked 10 years off him. So at his height of tribal house fever in 1994 he was 45 😯. He's had his ups and downs but will leave a legacy imprinted on club music and especially NYC and the popularity of harder, tribal house.

Junior Vasquez moedeep

December 15, 2018
It's a little sad as to what has become of Junior, or should I say Senior Vasquez in his late stages of his career. I almost can't bear myself to watch his Youtube videos because he can hardly DJ anymore. But I will say that after returning from London in the mid 90's back to NYC, I discovered him post-Sound Factory which I hear is when he was at his best. Despite not witnessing his magic at the original SF, I will say that following his career at Tunnel, Palladium, and then back at his home, SF reincarnated as Twilo, I was under his spell 100%. He would play with your emotions, tease you with little bits and pieces of classics, and then cane you with a half-hour marathon of one track like "Dream Drums" or "Fired Up" playing only the best part.I can honestly say that it is because of Junior that I became a DJ myself. Listen to my tribute to him at and let me know what you think.

Junior Vasquez Mobyfan2001

July 30, 2020
He has made some of the best house remixes ever! They were Deep Forest/Peter Gabriel - While The Earth Sleeps which sadly could not be released (which is the best thing he has ever done!) Moby - Into The Blue, Skunk Anansie - Brazen (Weep) and Duran Duran - White Lines. The best period for him was about 1994-1998.

Junior Vasquez the1uncle

May 8, 2018
It's often been said that Junior Vasquez aspires to take the listener on a journey, with each of his remixes. This is true. The listener is taken upon a journey. But it's often the same journey, over and again, not unlike your grinding daily commute on the M6. You are constantly departing from and arriving at the same place.

It was always two steps forward and four steps back with Junior's remix catalogue. For every inspirational 'Reap What You Sow' there were three 'Let the Music Play'-type discordant assaults on the senses. For each 'After the Rain' there are myriad, awful Elton John renditions.

At least, I suppose, one always knew what to expect with a JV remix. Synths, drums, a breakdown within the first 90-seconds, and some diva warbling. There was a comforting familiarity in the predictability. Rather like running into an old friend. Or watching Star Trek reruns.

All that aside, his remix of 'Brazen' by Skunk Anansie still sounds fucking incredible twenty-odd years on, so big love, Junior, for that.

Junior Vasquez as reviewed by dungeondj

November 23, 2006
edited over 15 years ago
I have read all the comments about MISS Vasquez, and, well, I think its time that you hear it from someone who has followed Junior's career for almost 15 years, and I am a native New Yorker, and a prominent DJ in NY's underground scene who wishes to remain being known as just my sign on, dungeondj. Junior is, hands down, THE BEST EVER. I have experienced just about all the greats, have been on their dancefloors, and nobody comes close to working the way Junior did, and sometimes still does, at what, 60 something. He can bring you to tears. As far as remix work and production goes, his music makes you want to dance, and this house scene is suppose to be about the dance and the music, right? His top tracks in my opinion, and you should check these out if you are clueless and ignorant to Jr., and just comment on him anyway, are these legendary tracks: Dream Drums, Who Do You Love?, Reap What You Sow, As The Earth Sleeps, As I Am, and even check out Cyndi Lauper's Come On Home. He captures everything you want to hear in not just a dance track, but an underground dance track. Beauty, emotion, uplifting melodies, and heavy, raw drums, with deep housey basslines. Even ask DT himself, who I have heard drop Dream Drums, Reap, and Come On Home on occasion. Need I say more.

Junior Vasquez famiglianow

April 11, 2017
junior vasquez disappeared without trace, DT still playing all over the world... Need I say more:)?

Junior Vasquez as reviewed by pauljturner

April 21, 2006
edited over 15 years ago
Vasquez has been criticised here for not travelling well outside a residency. I think one reason is that he isn’t a “circuit” DJ, playing identikit sets featuring the Top Ten tracks which are spun by just about everybody. Like all the greatest DJs, Levan, Humphries etc. Vasquez has a reputation for pushing new sounds, often produced and remixed by himself, which may not have the familiarity which some clubbers want. You can do this when you have a residency with a well-known crowd because you know what pushes their buttons. These new sounds often eventually make their way onto the circuit, as happened with the Sound Factory vibe in the early nineties.

Another reason is that I think Vasquez is more concerned with the programming of tracks into an emotional journey than necessarily with flawless mixing. I have found that to be a difference you can often find between DJs in the US and those in Europe.

Finally, I think Vasquez is a bit more playful and humorous than most DJs, as his Ellis D productions testify, and I guess that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Junior Vasquez as reviewed by sooperdj

March 17, 2006
edited over 15 years ago
The first time I got to hear Junior Vasquez play was in 1994 at the original Sound Factory. It was an awesome experience for any Junior fan, and myself as a fellow DJ. I had never seen a DJ work and control the crowd the way he did before that night and haven't seen it since. At one point Junior turned off the music and lights for a few minutes. The crowd "Junior's Crowd" began stomping their feet, clapping their hands and chanting. Finally after a few minutes he hit them with a Kick Drum and the Strobelight. Then turned it all off again. This went on for a 2nd and 3rd time till he finally turned it all back on and began the next part of his set. The night was topped off with a performance by Kristine W singing "Feel What You Want". She is one of my all-time favorite dance music divas, and didn't dissapoint at all. So say what you want about Junior, but in my opinion he is a great DJ/Remixer/Producer, as well as a DJ's DJ. He hasn't been around as long as he has because he sucks, no matter what your opinion.

Junior Vasquez as reviewed by

December 10, 2005
edited over 16 years ago
I can say this about Junior: I had some of the best times of my life on the dancefloor of the Sound Factory in it's prime, circa 1992/93. Perhaps it's gotten lost in the mists of time, but the Factory, for most of it's existence (up until the last year or two, anyway) was primarily an underground black gay dance club. It certainly wasn't a snooty New York poser palace. Sure he had bad mood nights, but when he was on, he was really on. The crowd would go wild when he was working it, and - before blind DJ worship set in toward the end - would also let him know when he wasn't. Perhaps surprisingly, given the twists and turns of his tastes after the club closed, Junior played deep house much of the time and big records back then were things like the Luna Project's I Wanna be Free and and Chaka Khan's Love You All My Lifetime. He DJ'd typically from 1 or 2am until early Sunday afternoon, usually leaving the children from the voguing houses still screaming for more. Much as his reputation may have suffered self-inflicted damage since then, he really did earn his legendary status with the way he rocked that club.

Junior Vasquez as reviewed by Vinyl-is-The-future

April 23, 2005
edited over 16 years ago
I can't comment on the guys live sets as I've never experienced them, although the various reviews he's recieved from numerous clubbers doesn't bode well. I can, however, comment on his remixes. Looking at his previous work reveals he has re-worked some truly mediocre (and occasionally terrible) records. Unfortunatley, many of his re-works don't rise above the originals in any way. If you look at other industry leaders (Morales, Knuckles and MAW as prime expamples) they have transformed many wafer-thin pop records into instant House Classics of thier down. I just don't see this quality in Jr's work, sadly. And there is often this deeply shallow and "It's 8 Minutes Long so MUST be perfect for the clubs" kind of feel with his stuff.

A case of style succeeding over substance? I'm certainly not qualified to say, but I'd have to say in my own very humble opinion it's a yes I'm afraid.

Junior Vasquez as reviewed by

January 28, 2005
edited over 16 years ago
Junior Vasquez is a true conductor of dance music regardless of where he plays or what country he plays in. I notice that when he is over seas the listeners are bitter but when Europeans come to New York to experience Junior's home, Junior's house, or call it Junior's world they end up wanting more. Why is that? Maybe because the DJ is actually in his own surroundings that he can control to indulge the minds with all sorts of acts in his live mixing. Many have become discourage because the clubs that he has had residency at sooner or later close due to laws altering the club scene not because of Junior himself. The fans become impatient and bitter. Once Junior gets a new home to exploit his musical visions, the fans feed on it and need it consistently. It's quite obvious. For a man that has been around 20 years plus, he still stay updated with the new sounds and never stays behind.
Love him or hate him, Junior Vasquez will be talked about because he is an inspiration in the world's dance music industry. Once one is on top of the world there will be people that will try to bring you down the ladder. It will take more than a several people to prevent Junior from being one of the most talked about DJs in the 20th and 21st century. In his book and many others the legend continues on.

Junior Vasquez as reviewed by HouseMuzikLvr

January 5, 2005
edited over 16 years ago
Junior is often misunderstood. However, I won't focus on the negative, instead I'll make honorable mention that the man in 20 years of his career has been a pioneer in the House style music, as has been Danny Tenaglia, Frankie Knuckles, and David Morales, to mention a few. He is considered by many, the successor of Larry Levan of our time. I have seen and experienced Junior's ups and downs throughout the years. Been to a few of his residencies in NYC where he can play with his mind, body and soul. It's unfair to belittle someone who has brought so much joy and laughter in our lives. So what if he's had his crowd, his own sound system and tunes? That doesn't make him any less, it makes him unique.