Mauro Picotto

Real Name:Mauro Picotto

Mauro Picotto (born December 25, 1966) is an Italian electronic music producer and DJ, grown up in the music industry inside the company Media Records and Media Studio since the early 90's. He became well known as a solo artist since the late 90's with songs like "Lizard", "Komodo (Save a Soul)", "Pulsar" or "Iguana".
Since early 00's, he left Media Studio and he managed his own recording studios.
He has collaborated with other electronica/trance musicians such as DJ Tiësto and Mario Più. He now promotes his own club night, Meganite (named after an early 21st-century track of his), which has run for consecutive years annually since 2005 at Privilege Ibiza. He now produces under his own record label, Bakerloo SRL. , Wikipedia , Facebook , X , Instagram , Soundcloud
Aliases:D.J. Pic 8, M-Peak-8, Megamind (2), MP8, R.A.F. By Picotto, The Lizard Man
In Groups:'995 Dance Authority, 2 Spaces, Abduction (2), Axcel, Brahama, Club House, Coconut Groove, Colours (10), CRW, Dash 8, Daylight (2), DJ Creator (2), Es Vedra, Fits Of Gloom, Fun Brothers (2), Lava, Lesson Number 1, Mario Più & Mauro Picotto, Mauro Picotto & Riccardo Ferri, Mediator
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