UK doom metal band. Formed in 1989 in Coventry by vocalist Lee Dorrian and guitarist (and later bassist) Mark Griffiths, who met at a Carcass show and discovered they both shared a love of doom metal. Cathedral's sound progressed gradually from incredibly slow, dirge-like lengthy arrangements on their debut album Forest Of Equilibrium to Black Sabbath-inspired heavy metal. The band's early years were fraught with membership changes but Dorrian and co-founding guitarist Garry Jennings remained with the band throughout their entire run. In 2013, after 24 years together, Dorrian and Jennings put the band to rest. , Bandcamp , Facebook , Wikipedia
Members:Adam Lehan, Andy Baker (3), Ben Mochrie, Brian Dixon, Garry Jennings, Joe Hasselvander, Lee Dorrian, Leo Smee, Mark Griffiths (2), Mark Ramsey Wharton, Mike Hickey, Mike Smail, Scott Carlson, Victor Griffin




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