The Light Division

Usage: Use this artist for 'Massed Bands Of The Light Division', 'Massed Bands And Bugles Of The Light Division' or other ANV's where more than one band is performing. If the individual bands are known, please credit them using [Performer][Band]. For releases crediting the singular 'The Band Of The Light Division' (1993 to 2007 only) use The Band Of The Light Division

A light infantry Division of The British Army has existed in various forms from its formation in 1803 until 2007 when the name The Light Division was no longer to be used.

From 1968 the Division comprised of The Light Infantry (4 Battalions) and The Royal Green Jackets (3 Battalions). Each Battalion had it's own band until 1985 when rationalisation reduced the number of bands to four (2 Light Infantry, 2 Royal Green jackets). This was further reduced in 1993 when the four regimental bands were merged into one divisional band The Band Of The Light Division.