Wu Lian

Real Name:
Wu Lian (巫蓮) dedicates her life to Spiritual Journey, life-long re-treat of Soul what is her field of experiments... Exploration of and looking for such things as Spirituality, Shamanism — Lian brings her knowledge to you in forms of Experimental Ritual Music and Writings, as well as in her creations of visual art... The keys for healing, peace and deliberation to be found.

"From town to town, from heart to heart all over the Europe I traveled, but nothing was that I've found for me. Everything, everyone around looks empty, my pure love is spreading out to nowhere, it's for you, all of you. I feel silence, I love moon. So much, so schizophrenic…"

"When people ask me what all my music is really about, genre and things... the short answer is: it's my Ritual Flow."



wu.006 Wu Lian - Steppenwolf album art Wu Lian Steppenwolf(3xFile, FLAC, Album) Lotus Temple wu.006 UK 2017
wu.002 Wu Lian - Three Træsures album art Wu Lian Three Træsures(5xFile, FLAC, Album) Lotus Temple wu.002 Austria 2017
wu.005 Wu Lian - Nihil album art Wu Lian Nihil(3xFile, FLAC, Album) Lotus Temple wu.005 Ireland 2017
wu.003 Wu Lian - Divine Spores album art Wu Lian Divine Spores(6xFile, FLAC, Album) Lotus Temple wu.003 Czech Republic 2017
wu.008 Wu Lian - mentaLuos album art Wu Lian mentaLuos(4xFile, FLAC, Album) Lotus Temple wu.008 Czech Republic 2017
wu.001 Wu Lian - Tao Rune album art Wu Lian Tao Rune(4xFile, FLAC, Album) Lotus Temple wu.001 Austria 2017
wu.009 Wu Lian - Ritual Flow album art Wu Lian Ritual Flow(3xFile, FLAC, Album) Lotus Temple wu.009 Czech Republic 2017
wu.007 Wu Lian - Moving On album art Wu Lian Moving On(6xFile, FLAC, Album) Lotus Temple wu.007 US 2017
wu.004 Wu Lian - Drums Ov Chaos Into Thee Spiral album art Wu Lian Drums Ov Chaos Into Thee Spiral(3xFile, FLAC, Album) Lotus Temple wu.004 Norway 2017
wu.014 Wu Lian - Propaganda Tool Of Heaven album art Wu Lian Propaganda Tool Of Heaven(5xFile, FLAC, Album) Lotus Temple wu.014 Czech Republic 2018
wu.010 Wu Lian - Industrial Heart album art Wu Lian Industrial Heart(8xFile, FLAC, Album) Lotus Temple wu.010 Czech Republic 2018
wu.011 Wu Lian - Bohemian Tales album art Wu Lian Bohemian Tales(5xFile, FLAC, Album) Lotus Temple wu.011 Czech Republic 2018
wu.015 Wu Lian - Rune Raido album art Wu Lian Rune Raido(5xFile, FLAC, Album) Lotus Temple wu.015 Germany 2018

Singles & EPs

23.001 Wu Lian - Chemognosis 23 album art Wu Lian Chemognosis 23(File, FLAC, EP) Lotus Temple 23.001 Austria 2017
wu.017 Wu Lian - 23 Relusions & Dealities album art Wu Lian 23 Relusions & Dealities(5xFile, FLAC, EP) Lotus Temple wu.017 Russia 2018
wu.013 Wu Lian - Born Alone To Become One Again album art Wu Lian Born Alone To Become One Again(3xFile, FLAC, EP) Lotus Temple wu.013 Czech Republic 2018
wu.016 Wu Lian - Twangste album art Wu Lian Twangste(3xFile, FLAC, EP) Lotus Temple wu.016 Russia 2018
wu.012 Wu Lian - 巫蓮 album art Wu Lian 巫蓮(File, FLAC, EP) Lotus Temple wu.012 Czech Republic 2018