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The Freshies were formed in 1977 by Chris Sievey. Over their 5 years of activity, The Freshies self-released 3 studio albums on cassette; All Sleeps Secrets (1977), featuring Sievey on all instruments; the Girls From Banana Island (1979), and finally, Rough 'N' Ready (1980). In 1981, The Freshies recorded The Johnny Radar Story, their highest budget release yet. The group had self-financed the album with hopes of getting a label to give it a wide release. This never came, and due to the finances sunk into The Johnny Radar Story, the band had to be dismantled.

In 1982 Sievey revived The Freshies as a duo with Barbara O'Donovan. They released one single, Fasten Your Seatbelts, before once again dismantling.

37 years later, after the death of Sievey, inspired by the documentary Being Frank, Barry Spencer and Rick Sarko reformed The Freshies with 2 new members. The group release new material on their YouTube channel.

Members:Barry Spencer, Bob Dixon (16), Chris Sievey, Mike Doherty, Rick Sarko
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