Susanna Jara

Susanna Jara

Susanna Jara – Starting from orthodox choirs, going through folklore, folk, classical music, jazz, theater and contemporary music. She loves improvisation. Most often sings and creates in six languages: Church Slavonic, Ukrainian, Lemko, Polish, Russian and English. She was born in Pochayiv (Ukraine) where the age of 4 began studying the violin. She continued it afrer arrival to Poland in 1992. In addition she plays on bandura, cello, double bass, hurdy gurdy and percussion using them in unconventional way. However her most important instrument is voice on a wide scale and huge possibilities, what allowing to perform folk music both in an authentic and stylized form. She not afraid to reach also the classical pieces, giving them a new oriental sounds or restoring them traditional roots. She sings, creates and tours since the child. Susanna was a member of many choirs and bands, among others WIDYMO. She works with theaters form and pantomime. Eagerly composes live front of audience.
In 2013, she released debut album "Vesna, wesnoju" which includes the copyright songs and folk songs from the Carpathian Mountains in the original, copyright, polyphonic arrangements. She released CD with songs from the repertoire of Anna German, and took part in the release of the album with songs Lemko poet and composer Petra Murianka. Susanna Jara can be heard on over 20 CDs of different music genres, for example: Third Programme of Polish Radio, Radio Kraków, Gdańsk Radio, Radio Rzeszow, Lem.FM and others. In 2017 she was invited to participate in the Festival Opera RARA in Krakow, where she made copyright interpretations of Karol Szymanowski songs and songs Kurpie, Lemko and Ukrainian. As a member of other groups and formations took part in the festival Klangkosmos NRW, XIV Folk Festival of Polish Radio "New Tradition" which won the Audience Award "Storm Braw." On the festival Mikolajki Folk as a soloist took third place with WIDYMO, and on the Festival of Orthodox Music in Hajnówka, along with the Choir IRMOS shy won many awards and honors.
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