Kathy Brown

Real Name:Katherine Brown

House vocalist from Charleston, South Carolina.
Brown moved to New York in the late 1960s where she performed in a gospel group with her mother and two sisters.
In the late 1970s, Brown was part of a three-piece R&B group called Sweet Cinnamon, formed by Glen Quick (Glenn Quick), a musician with The Joneses. She was introduced to The Joneses by her boyfriend, a bassist in the group, and it was one of their singers, Karen Bernod, who took Brown to nightclubs such as Studio 54.
Brown's first release, Can't Play Around, a Lace cover, came about when Bernod took her to a late night studio session with David Shaw; Bernod performs BVs on the record.
Her second release, Turn Me Out, was recorded in a follow up session with Shaw and Cevin Fisher and went on to become one of most successful records of her career.
Numerous collaborations followed with David Morales, Blaze, Sandy Rivera and producers in the UK and Europe.
Runs her own label KB Sounds.

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