Anton Fier

Real Name:Anton John Fier III

American drummer, composer, producer and bandleader. Born June 20, 1956, in Cleveland, Ohio; died September 14, 2022 (aged 66), in Zürich, Switzerland.

Worked in a record store as a teenager, emerged as a drummer in Cleveland's proto-punk scene. Relocated to New York and got a job at the SoHo Music Gallery record store. Joined The Feelies in 1978 after answering an ad placed in the Village Voice. Then joined the Pedestrians, and Lounge Lizards. Toured with Herbie Hancock. Founded and led experimental rock group The Golden Palominos from 1981 to 2010, which featured an ever-changing lineup. Then focused on producing in the 2000s and early 2010s.

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In Groups:Autonomous Zone, Bill Laswell's Drop Zone, Blind Light, Divination, Electric Eels, Flying Mijinko Band, Friction (3), Friends Of Earth, Gestalt Et Jive, Locus Solus, Lounge Lizards, Mr. Stress Blues Band, Pere Ubu, Swans, The Big Guns, The Feelies, The Golden Palominos, The Lodge (2), The Peter Brötzmann Tentet, The Rockit Band
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