Chlodwig Poth

Real Name:
Chlodwig Poth
German satirist and cartoonist. Born April, 4. 1930, in Wuppertal; died Juli, 8. 2004, in Frankfurt/Main. He was long-time contributor to the german magazines "Pardon" and "Titanic". Published novels, cartoons, comic books and even some graphic novels, long time before this genre became popular. Became widely known as author/designer of the series "Mein Progessiver Alltag" in the late 60s early 70s.


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Writing & Arrangement

BN 80 043 Taktik Des Ehekrieges — Chlodwig Poth Peter Frankenfeld, Lonny Kellner Peter Frankenfeld, Lonny Kellner - Taktik Des Ehekrieges(LP) B&N Schallplatte BN 80 043 Germany 1971 Sell This Version