Walter Melrose

Real Name:Walter Lawrence Melrose

American lyricist and music publisher in the 1920s and 30s.
born October 26, 1889 in Sumner, IL, United States
died May 30, 1973 in Lake Barrington, IL, United States

Together with his brother Lester Melrose and Marty Bloom, Walter Melrose owned a music shop in Chicago. In early 1923, they also became music publishers. They immediately had success with Jelly Roll Morton's “Wolverine Blues”, the New Orleans Rhythm Kings's "Tin Roof Blues", and Art Kassel and Vic Berton's "Sobbin’ Blues." They went on to publish other classics, such as "Copenhagen," "Someday Sweetheart," "Tia Juana," and many others.

Brother of Lester Melrose and Frank Melrose

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