Perfect Vision


Perfect Vision (1980-1986) were a Cambridge based post punk four-piece combining new electronic technologies with twin guitars, funky bass lines and strong male vocals by two singers whose voices offered very different qualities. "We played what was known at the time as Indie (think Depeche Mode but with guitars as well as synths)" - James Daniel (Bass).

Perfect Vision's strongly "anti-rockist" stance and methodologies were documented in articles by singer/guitarist Jon Lewin (Vocals/Guitars) that were published in the national press.

The band formed when members of The Students (2) combined forces with local musicians Giles Thomas (Guitars) and Steve Xerri (Vocals/Electronics/Woodwind) and after a short while dropped a live drummer in favour of a reel-to-reel backing track featuring drum machine patterns and synth parts. Extremely prolific (around the time of their debut vinyl release Jon Lewin told me the band had written and demo'd 82 songs) the band put out a series of releases on both cassette and vinyl formats in a four year period (1983-1986) before eventually folding when their career opportunities took band members in different directions.

Debut vinyl release, the "... Our Broken Crown..." 12" gained national exposure when played by John Peel on his late night Radio 1 show. Later career highlights included recording a John Owen Williams produced radio session at The BBC's Maida Vale V studio, London for John Peel (4 tracks, recorded 15th August 1984, transmitted 23rd), playing the John Peel curated ICA Rock Week (performance recorded 3rd October 1984, transmitted 26th November) and the "This Hook" video appearing in a nationally broadcast episode of the BBC's Old Grey Whistle Test during a feature on Cambridge bands.

Jon Lewin went on to a career in music journalism, radio and as an author for books on the music industry. He held editorial roles at Music Week magazine and was working in radio production for the BBC at the time of his death in May 2000 aged 40. , , , , ,
Members:Giles Thomas, James Daniel (2), Jon Lewin, Steve Xerri


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