Real Name:
Marc Leclair
Akufen is a phonetic spelling of acouphène, the French word for tinnitus.


Akufen - DE9 | Closer To The Edit album art Richie Hawtin Dada EP A2 Richie Hawtin - DE9 | Closer To The Edit M_nus Europe 2001 Sell This Version
Akufen - Electric Ladyland Clickhop Version 1.0 album art Various Little Hop Of Horror Various - Electric Ladyland Clickhop Version 1.0 (Comp) Mille Plateaux, EFA Germany 2001 Sell This Version
Akufen - Weiss.Mix album art Ellen Allien New Process Ellen Allien - Weiss.Mix BPitch Control Germany 2002 Sell This Version
Akufen - Groovetechnology v1.3 album art Swayzak Architexture Swayzak - Groovetechnology v1.3 (Comp) Studio !K7 Germany 2002 Sell This Version
Akufen - The Midas Touch album art Various Dirtdevilsuxdust Various - The Midas Touch (Comp) Konvex | Konkav Germany 2002 Sell This Version
Akufen - Fabric 11 album art Swayzak Skidoos Swayzak - Fabric 11 (Comp) Fabric (2) UK 2003 Sell This Version
Akufen - Appleseed (Original Soundtrack) album art Various The Dragonfly Who Thought He Was A Mockingbird Various - Appleseed (Original Soundtrack) (Album) Colosseum Animated US 2003 Sell This Version
Akufen - Silver Label album art Various Even White Horizon and 1 more… Various - Silver Label (Comp) ISBA Music Entertainment Inc. Canada 2005 Sell This Version
Akufen - DJ-Kicks album art Four Tet Psychometry 3.2 Four Tet - DJ-Kicks (Comp) Studio !K7 Europe 2006 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

Akufen - Superlongevity 2 album art Various The Unexpected Guest Various - Superlongevity 2 (Comp) Perlon Germany 2001 Sell This Version
Akufen - Futuristic Experiments #004 album art Various Moon Over Plateaux Various - Futuristic Experiments #004 (Comp) Background Germany 2002 Sell This Version
send020 Akufen - Sender Loops 24-2 album art Various Untitled Various - Sender Loops 24-2(12") Sender Records send020 Germany 2002 Sell This Version
Akufen - Starchy Roots album art Various Untitle9 and 5 more… Various - Starchy Roots Next Door US 2004 Sell This Version
Akufen - Post Office EP album art Various Oral 3 Various - Post Office EP (EP) Telegraph France 2004 Sell This Version


Akufen - Elektronische Musik -Interkontinental album art Various Train To Barcelona Various - Elektronische Musik -Interkontinental (Comp) Traum Schallplatten, Traum Schallplatten Germany 2001 Sell This Version
MTK01 Akufen - Mutek 2001 album art Various Denture Broth Various - Mutek 2001(CD, Comp) Mutek_Rec MTK01 Canada 2001 Sell This Version
none Various Architextures Various - Montrealmiami - Winter Music Conference 2001(CD, Comp, Promo, Car) Distr!ck, Haute Couture, Relentless none Canada 2001 Sell This Version
Akufen - opensource.code album art Various Synthaxis 2 Various - opensource.code (Comp) Source Records (2) Germany 2002 Sell This Version
Akufen - Digital Disco album art Various Deck The House (Herbert Stops Like This Mix) Various - Digital Disco (Comp) Force Tracks Germany 2002 Sell This Version
Akufen - Fashion Week - Issue#1 Fall / Winter 2002/03 album art Various Jeep Sex Various - Fashion Week - Issue#1 Fall / Winter 2002/03 (Comp) George V Records, Wagram Music France 2002 Sell This Version
Akufen - Montreal Smoked Meat album art Various Severed Finger Samba Various - Montreal Smoked Meat (Comp) Force Inc. Music Works Germany 2002 Sell This Version
Akufen - Post Office album art Various Oral 03 Various - Post Office (Comp) Telegraph, Telegraph, Logistic Records, Logistic Records France 2002 Sell This Version
541 808-2 Akufen - Techno Parade 2002: Laissez-Nous Danser! album art Various Deck The House Various - Techno Parade 2002: Laissez-Nous Danser!(CD, Comp) Omnisounds, Technopol, Capitol Records 541 808-2 France 2002 Sell This Version
CD 581 362-2, none Akufen - Technotuner V.0.2 album art Various Skidoos Various - Technotuner V.0.2(CD, Comp) Omnisounds, EMI CD 581 362-2, none France 2002 Sell This Version
none Akufen - Best Of 2002 album art Various Deck The House Various - Best Of 2002(CD, Comp) Muzik Magazine none UK 2002 Sell This Version

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February 9, 2016
edited 6 days ago
I guess he has been influenced by Todd Edwards, same use of cut up samples, same house rythmes, etc, etc
But hey, he took it just a bit farther ...


February 8, 2015
Quebec Nightclub... pas la première de Marc Leclair... je sors pas, mais je suis apprenti depuis des années, encore j'ai eu par meilleure chance... de découvrir ce talent débile... je trouve ca, meme ça fait des annés, pi je ris encore.

J'ai de la misère a croire le talent ridicule icitte... surement après il a continué de m'épatter.

De mnml horreur, contrastant sans degradation du minimalisme délibrement euphorique avec "Anna Kaufen" et juste qu'à "femmes enceintes" et plus... C'est toujours une promesse d'enrichissement cérébrale.

(Mods: QC wants to use discogs too. This one is for you. If you can manage the variety in an organized fashion, I'm seeing gold in the recent engineering posts. Edit with tact ;) Thank you!)


September 3, 2014
Everything I've heard from Marc Leclair has invoked feelings of epiphany. I'm not sure what else I could say about his art.


April 12, 2006
edited over 12 years ago
Akufen, also known as Marc Leclair, produces an interesting mix of minimal house and experimental techno with underlying influences from Stockhausen, Steve Reich, Kraftwerk, and Throbbing Gristle.

At the basis of his 2002 first full-length album My Way (Force Inc.), Marc collected hours of audio material from AM/FM and shortwave programs that he fragmented into minute voices, blips, and other unrecognizable bits that were then applied to catchy, dance floor friendly house tracks.

In 2005 Marc Leclair returns under its own name with the release of Musique pour 3 femmes enceintes (Mutek) and proves that he had more than one card up in his sleeve. With the skillful integration of instrumental tones and outer-space noises, he built extended and dreamlike pieces that defy time.

Throughout the years, Marc has also released numerous tracks for labels like Force Inc., Background, Traum, Oral, Trapez, and Perlon under the Akufen, Anna Kaufun, and Nekufa monikers.


February 4, 2003
Akufen is the most unique producer i have ever heard. Sounds like a radio posessed by demons. I personally like the track "In Dog We Trust". It has to take this guy forever to make a track. As a producer myself i can only imagine how long and hard it must be to create something like Akufen creates. I don't spin micro house stuff but i defintely recommend checking this guy out.


August 8, 2002
The montrealer Akufen brings a new type of elektro music. His unique style is simply amazing and create such an ambience that it is essential. All the works of Akufen that were released before My Way are relatively shit because of their repetitive content, but buying the My Way CD is one of the best things you can do. Trust me, you've never heard something like that. Ever.


June 7, 2002
Downbeat? E-Beat? Jazzy lines? All together? O.k. It ever depends how close to the ground level you are. But for me "AKUFEN" seems a little >Bit< to be from another planet. Like "HERBERT" a great artist with a wide spectrum to discover over a long time sonic & musician details. Funny! And a high pleasure to listen such a good sound. I think you not very often find such a project like "My Way". Listen!!!! :-)

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