Ky (7)

Real Name:
Maki Nakano, Yann Pittard + ?
Ky is a French-Japanese conceptual duo of saxophonist Maki Nakano and guitarist Yann Pittard, founded in 2004 then Nakano and Pittard met at École Normale de Musique de Paris. Named after a French word 'who' (qui), Ky never knows who is the third player(s), and features a rotating cast of featured musicians, vocalists, dancers, visual artists, sculptors, etc. Ky's repertoire include original and spontaneous compositions, as well as works by Erik Satie, and re-arranged traditional music from all over the world. Since 2005, they played hundreds of concerts from Tokyo and Paris to New York and Istanbul, and released six albums on Japanese labels Ohrai Records and Openmusic.

In 2007, Ky started working with percussionist Thomas Ballarini – they collaborated on Ky's debut album, as well as two releases in 2007 and 2011, and toured three times in Japan in 2007, '09 and '14. Nakano and Pittard met with balafon virtuoso Moussa Hema from Burkina Faso and Bachir Sanogo from Côte d’Ivoire in 2008. After performing at Africolor Festival in France, Ky traveled to Burkina Faso to develop this collaboration further. Joined by French drummer Gaston Zirko, they established a new Bala Dee (which means 'wood's sound') project, and released Out Of Place album. They toured Japan in 2011–12, and participated in the 2013 TICAD (Tokyo International Conference on African Development).

Ky worked a few times with bassist-composer Yoram Rosilio and Moroccan painter Redouane Bernaz. Together they held a recording session in Paris in 2009, residence-concert in Essaouira in 2011, and a tour in Morocco in 2012. Nakano and Pittard had been collaborating with Turkish percussionist Gürkan Özkan and fretless guitarist Cenk Erdoğan in Istanbul in 2009–10, and recorded Musique Vagabonde album together.

The word Ky has various meanings in Japanese, depending on the way this syllable is written: heart, spirit, originality, intention, mood, tree, conscience, etc.

Band members
Maki Nakano – alto & baritone saxophones, metal clarinet, vocals
Yann Pittard – baritone guitar, oud, percussion, vocals, effects

Featured creative artists
Eiichi Hayashi (alto saxophone)
Satoko Fujii (piano)
Stéphane Payen (saxophone)
Mitsuru Nasuno (bass)
Yuji Tsunemi (oud)
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (drums)
Yoram Rosilio (double bass)
Rafael Koerner (drums)
Hugues Vincent (cello)
Shizuru Ohtaka (voice)
Mikio Ishida (piano)
Paban Das Baul (voice)
Tanikawa Kensaku (piano)
Stéphane Tsapis (piano)
Johan Guidou (drums)
Miya (10) (flute)
Michi Fujii (trumpet)
Natsuki Kido (guitar)
Karsten Hochapfel (cello)
Gürkan Özkan (tabla, percussion)
Cenk Erdoğan (fretless guitar)
Thomas Ballarini (percussion)
Mustafa Said (oud)
Takeshi Takahashi (shamisen)
Yukki Yoyo (yoyo)
Kazumi Ikenaga (drums)
Keiko Takagi (koto)



opjp-cd-1005 Ky (7) - Chansons Muettes Et Musiques Bavardes album art Ky (7) Chansons Muettes Et Musiques Bavardes(CD, Album, Dig) Openmusic opjp-cd-1005 Japan 2009 Sell This Version
opjp-cd-1006 Ky (7) - Musique Vagabonde album art Ky (7) Musique Vagabonde(CD, Album) Openmusic opjp-cd-1006 Japan 2010 Sell This Version

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