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Real Name:Christian Schachta

syntax error started DJing in 1998 with Drum n Bass and Psychedelic Trance in several underground clubs. His musicstyle changed to the "4x4 movers" and was fixed after he visited the Tresor Club in Berlin for the first time in end of 1998. Until now he played in several stations for example the Fusion-Club in Münster or Tresor- Berlin. His style is a kind of abstract electronic shit and groovy experimental stupid rubbish. He has big preferences for hard bumping groovy beats, strange noizy synths and deep distored organ-basses. Check out his "some fucking rubbish" live PA, which is now available to be played in those dark dingy dungeons. He is also known as the mechanoid disruptor...Syntax beam me error!!!
Aliases:Christian Schachta, Series (3), Snork




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