DJ Cheb I Sabbah

Real Name:Haim Serge El Baaz

Cheb i Sabbah (August 7, 1947 – November 6, 2013) was a DJ and composer/producer. With a DJ career spanning three decades, it would be difficult to find a more fascinating DJ than Cheb i Sabbah. Born in Algeria, a great source of his inspiration were his two uncles who were masters of the Malouf style, also known as Andalusian music. Cheb I described himself as a 'hajji', a musical pilgrim of the spirit. His name is another reference to his pilgrimage: Cheb is a nickname used by Algerian rai singers; Sabbah means 'morning', but the link is actually to Hassan i Sabbah, the Persian mystic whose legendary library is rumoured to be the largest in the world. Cheb i Sabbah passed away on November 6, 2013 in his home in San Francisco due to a stomach cancer. , , MySpace , X
In Groups:DJ Cheb I Sabbah Wa Mektoub
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