Andrew King

Real Name:
Andrew Stewart King
Andrew King’s initial work was in the visual arts, his compositions consisting mainly of figurative, emblematic paintings, studying at Gwent College of Higher Education, 1985-1988 and then SDUC, Lampeter, 1988-1990.

This work led to illustrative work for a number of the Post-Industrial / Neofolk bands of the time (L’Orchestra Noir, Current 93, Ernte, Sol Invictus, etc). In 1994 he started making documentary recordings of traditional songs, music, and customs and in 1995 moved to London to further this work and the illustrative compositions that he was doing. To complement this work he made his first attempts at traditional song the following year.

His recordings range from unaccompanied folk song (The Bitter Harvest, 1998), to medieval and own compositions (Deus Ignotus, 2011) but has also included dark ambient (1888, 2006) and electro-acoustic and environmental field recordings (Thalassocracy, 2008).

The bulk of his recordings have been produced by Hunter Barr of the band Knifeladder, and both Hunter and John Murphy make up the core of his live band.

As well collaborating with Les Sentiers Conflictuels and Brown Sierra, and being half of Duo Noir and The Triple Tree, Andrew has also performed on albums by Sol Invictus, Àrnica, Artefactum, Andrew Liles and Knifeladder.

NOTE: The producer (Third Ear Band, Forest, Kevin Ayers, etc) is: Andrew King (3).
For the classical vocalist, please use Andrew King (5)
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