Eric Bentley

Eric Bentley, (born September 14, 1916 in Bolton, Lancashire, England) is a renowned critic, playwright, singer, editor and translator. He became an American citizen in 1948, and currently lives in New York City.
He has written many critical books, including What is Theatre?, The Life of the Drama, Theatre of War, Brecht Commentaries, and Thinking about the Playwright. His most-produced play, Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been, about the Un-American Activities committee hearings, was published in 1972. Another play, Lord Alfred's Lover, deals with Oscar Wilde.
Bentley met Bertolt Brecht at UCLA as a young man and is considered one of the pre-eminent experts on Brecht, much of whose work he has translated. He edited the Grove Press issue of Brecht's work, and recorded two albums for Folkways of Brecht / Eisler songs
In the 1960s, Bentley came out of the closet and declared his homosexuality. He has stated his being gay as an influence on his theater-work, especially his play "Lord Alfred's Lover".

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