Kim Fowley

Real Name:Kim Vincent Fowley

Kim Fowley (born July 21, 1939, Los Angeles, California, USA – died January 15, 2015, Hollywood, California, USA) was an American record producer, singer, songwriter, musician, publisher and impresario. He started his musical career on February 3, 1959. He founded the music publishers Kim Fowley Pub. and Kim Fowley Music. , YouTube , X , Wikipedia , Tumblr , , ,
Aliases:Action Industries (2), Anthony X Bulldog, Doctor Dog, Jimmy Jukebox, Juke Box Phantom, Kim Garri, King Lizard, Lance Romance (3)
In Groups:Bunny And Bear, Frankenstein And The All Star Monster Band, Hollywood Argyles, Kim And The Skippers, Kim Fowley's Psychedelic Dogs, Sand (20)
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