Pierre Delanoë

Real Name:
Pierre Charles Marcel Napoléon Leroyer
French lyricist, born 16 December 1918 in Paris, France and died 27 December 2006 in Paris, France.
He penned hundreds of songs during his career, sung by many of the most populars singers of "variété française": Gilbert Bécaud, Michel Sardou, Dalida, Joe Dassin, Michel Polnareff or Nana Mouskouri amongst many others. He also translated many of Petula Clark's English songs in to French
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B. Delanoë, C. Lamesie, C. P. Delano, C.P. Delano, C.P. Delanoe, C.T. Delano, C.T.Delano, D. Delanoë, D.Delanoë, Dalano, Dalanoë, de la Delanoé, De La Noë, De la Nou, De Lance, De Lanoe, Dealanoe, Dealnoe, Decande, Del, Del Anowa, Delabce, Delade, Delahoe, Delamoe, Delanau, Delance, Delanche, Delanco, Delande, Delanè, Delange, Delannoy, Delano, Delanoc, Delanoe, Delanoe Pierre, Delanoe, P., Delanoe/Delanoe, Delanoi, Delanoie, Delanos, Delanoё, Delanoл, Delaone, Delauo, Delaure, Dellanoe, Denaloe, Deneloe, Eelanoe, F. Delano, F. Delanoe, G. Delanoë, G. Lenorman & P. Delanoë, Lasar, Marcel, P .Delanoé, P De La Noé, P Delanoe, P; de la Noë, P. de la Noë, P. Delanoë, P. Dalance, P. Dalanoe, P. de la Noé, P. De Lancé, P. De Landé, P. De Lanoe, P. Dealnoe, P. Deance, P. Del Anoe, P. Dela Noe, P. Delamé, P. Delanaoë, P. Delance, P. Delande, P. Delané, P. Delange, P. Delannoë, P. Delano, P. Delanoë, P. Delanoi, P. Delanoir, P. Delanos, P. Delanoё, P. Delaonë, P. Delave, P. Delawde, P. Delawoe, P. Deleno, P. Delenoé, P. Dellanoë, P. Dellanoie, P. Delnoe, P. Delone, P. Delonoe, P. Denaloë, P. Dolanoe, P. Gelanø, P. Lanoë, P. Pierre Delanoë, P.de la Noé, P.Delance, P.Delanoe, P.Pelanoe, Pelanoe, Pete Delanoe, Pi. Delanoë, Pierre, Pierre De La Noe, Pierre De Lanoë, Pierre Dela Noe, Pierre Delance, Pierre Delande, Pierre Delange, Pierre Delano, Pierre Delanoe, Pierre Delanone, Pierre Delenoë, Pierre Demanoë, Pierre Leroyer, Pierreo Dellanoe, Pierrre Delande, T. Delanoe, Unaccredited, V. Buggy, Деланоа, Деланоэ, Делануа, Деланца, Ж. Делануа, Н. Деланое, Ноэ, П. Де-Ла-Ное, П. Деланз, П. Делано, П. Деланое, П. Деланое = P. Delanoe, П. Деланэ, ピエール・ドラノエ