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Xmal Deutschland formed in Hamburg, Germany, in 1980, initially as an all-girl band in the Hamburg Punk circuit, consisting of Anja Huwe (Vocals), Manuela Rickers (Guitar), Fiona Sangster (Keyboards), Rita Simon (Bass) and Caro May (Drums). A year later, they released their first single, "Großstadtindianer" on Alfred Hilsberg's Zickzack label. The band also contributed the track "Kälbermarsch" to the label compilation "Lieber Zuviel Als Zuwenig." Around this time, Bassist Rita Simon was replaced by Wolfgang Ellerbrock. In 1982, the band released the classic "Incubus Succubus". That same year, Drummer Caro May was replaced by Manuela Zwingmann.

While German audiences were less than receptive at first, a UK tour opening for Cocteau Twins resulted in a label deal with 4AD Records. Their debut album "Fetisch" (1983) and the singles "Qual" and "Incubus Succubus II" all made the UK Independent charts, even though the band used German lyrics. Manuela Zwingmann left the band one year later, replaced by Peter Bellendir. This lineup proved to be the longest-running. 1984 saw the release of the album Tocsin, followed by a world tour through to 1985. 1986 saw the release of "Matador," produced by Hugh Cornwell of The Stranglers. Xmal Deutschland also opened for The Stranglers at a concert at Wembley Arena in London. Their follow-up album, "Viva," was recorded in Hamburg and was released in 1987, followed by the single "Sickle Moon".

After the release of "Viva," Manuela Rickers, Fiona Sangster, and Peter Bellendir left the group. Anja Huwe and Wolfgang Ellerbrock continued to work with Frank Z. Abwärts on Guitar. Producer Henry Staroste played Keyboards, and German studio Drummer Curt Cress completed the lineup that would record the 1989 LP "Devils" and the singles "Dreamhouse" and "I'll Be Near You." The LP showed a change of direction towards mainstream pop, and this proved to be the last release from X Mal Deutschland, 1990 saw a few scattered live appearances, though the group soon split up. , Facebook , Instagram , Bandcamp , X , , , Wikipedia ,
Members:Anja Huwe, Caro May, Fiona Sangster, Frank Ziegert, Manuela Rickers, Manuela Zwingman, Peter Bellendir, Wolfgang Ellerbrock
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