The history of devL begins in Paris with the advent of Surrealism in 1924. Thirteen years later, in 1937, Salvador Dali-who officially joined the Surrealists in 1929-paints L'invention des Montres (the Invention Of the Monsters), two years before his official break with the movement.

Fast forward to 1997, when an angular power-punk band called Tin River Junction morphs into devL with the loss of drummer Arthur King. (He left the band to pursue a career in meditation.) Guitarist Action Housecat responds to the situation by calling Artie a "dog-dick" and purchasing a used Doctor Rhythm SixSixtySix drum machine to replace the former pulse instigator turned basket case.

1998: During the groups first recording session as devL, at a place called the Space in Poughkeepsie NY, a burst of live percussion is needed on the end of the epic "Conflation" and a guy name Shaque "bursts" up from Brooklyn to lay it down, completing the first album, evldevldevldevldevldevldevldevldevld, an album otherwise pulsed by guitar, bass, Moog, machine, effects, feedback, and the constant ranting of co-producer Jacques Cohen. (Just kidding-it was me who did most of the ranting.)

(Anyway, when it comes to Shaque, he was supposed to come up on the 7o'clock train, but didn't even make it up until 1am. He did two takes of the track, smoked a joint, ate a hamburger, then got back onto the train to Brooklyn, never to be seen again. As far as this writer knows, Shaque is now living in Flushing, studying eastern percussion & cuisine with the world renowned guru/cult-leader/kook Aza Raza Taza.)

Some of this "history" is obviously embellished. "History is written by the winners." "History is wrong and always has to be rewritten." "History is bunk." You figure out what's what.

devL's practice of darkjoy continues on the Jacques Cohen engineered Invention of Monsterts/ Deathray Sunshine double CD. PowerMad tracks like "Killer" (spy-rock meets break-beat meets Red-era King Crimson) and "IOM" (musical pyramid building in the Mayan block-temple style) are balanced-in the strict Blakean sense-with the beautiful and contemplative tracks "We Are All Miraculous" and "Bounce" (track 2-!check this one out first!).

devL plans to go full circle and beyond with its next project (tentatively titled Live in Tin River Junction) and is currently seeking musicians to create a collective atmosphere, e.g., Godspeed You! Black Emperor; 70's King Crimson. Violin, vocals, piano/keyboards, drums and percussion, mettallophone (vibraphone with no motor), mellotron, mettallotron (not yet invented), stereo goathorns, theramin, bass viol, and sexaphone are desired.... But, as it is well known, the devL is a shape shifter and is always prepared to perform live in its duo or trio incarnation.

From Here to Eternity,
King Bass Chord



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