Kerri Chandler

Real Name:Kerri Camar Chandler

DJ and producer from East Orange, New Jersey.
Founded Madhouse Records in 1992. Madtech Records in 2012 and Kaoz Theory in 2015.
His father Joseph Chandler and uncle Arnold Chandler were DJs in New York and arranged a track on Kerri's album A Basement, A Red Light & A Feelin' • Volume 2 in 2002.
His grandfather Calvin Reed Sr. aka Grampa recorded She's Crazy with Kerri in 1993.
Kerri's 'Kaoz 6:23' nickname is based on the chaotic events that happened in his life on June 23 every year, early in his career.
Father of Kiki Willows. , , , Facebook , Instagram , Soundcloud , Soundcloud , X , Who Sampled , Wikipedia , YouTube , YouTube ,
Aliases:A Night With Dick, Bobcat Trades, Creative Violence, Erik Landcher, Matrix (15), Panic (10), Paper Maché, The Ruff House Boys, Third Generation, Three Generations
In Groups:Afro Elements, Art Of Origin, Bassmental, Jerome Sydenham And Kerri Chandler, K.C.Y.C., One World (2), Stratosphere (5), Trailer Ends, UFP
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