Piasa started with William Mansfield and Scott Nussman being inspired to create raw, abrasive sounds using feedback manipulation, loops, samples, guitars, and power tools. Our goal at first was to create what we felt was "punk" for the 21st century (i.e. sounds and controversial performances to provoke responses and embody our audiences in chaos). Will and Scott would jam and then convert the best parts of the improvised sessions from the four track to a digital editing program. They would then reorganize the sounds until they were satisfied with how a particular track flowed. As Will and Scott were putting the album together, they had put a post on a local music scene message board in regards to looking for members that were interested in making some experimental noise. At the time, there was nobody doing what the group was doing in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area that they knew of. Damian Languell contacted Piasa about getting together and jamming, but things were hard as far as aligning times due to Damian being in school in NYC most of the time. Despite not being on the first album, Damian still went on the first Piasa tour that the group booked. He brought a lot of energy to our live performances by embracing the use of objects like metal and glass, which later became a staple of Piasa's sound and performances.
After a successful first tour, the group decided on the idea of making what they were doing more of an improvised noise collective. Damian invited his brother, Dylan Languell, and Leo Heinzel over to jam with Piasa. The group became very satisfied with how the jam sessions and chemistry was coming along. Things were tough when it came to other commitments like school and work mixed with transportation issues and scheduling conflicts. This resulted in some members only being available at certain times. As a result, the second recording, 'On Broken Bones', contained tracks that Will and Scott had recorded in Northern Virginia and tracks that Damian and Will had recorded in NYC. While Piasa is proud of the recordings, Piasa was a LIVE band. Piasa existed in the live setting. The recordings were more of a sonic aftertaste. If you did not see Piasa live, you really did not experience what they were all about.
Before Scott went back to school and moved to another DC suburb, he became friends with Tristan Welch, who was a fan of Piasa. After hearing some of Tristan's solo music in Acheronian, Will and Scott decided to ask Tristan to join our collective. Tristan added an element of both ethereal and abrasive guitar noise that added to the overall cacophony. Piasa ended up with a literal wall of amps at their shows with LOUD being the main adjective used when it came to describing their sound. After adding Tristan, the group added his friend, Dameon Parker (RIP), and a good friend of Scott's named Jason Seechuk.
Everybody contributed in their own and unique ways. While one member might be recovering from a bunch of cuts from punching broken glass, another member would be working on the next show or the next flier design. The second tour was easily the best with Scott, Will, Damian, Dylan, Leo, and Tristan all participating. Elements of acoustic noise, poetry, and performance art entered the picture on this tour as the group went the farthest west we ever had; reaching Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Lansing, Michigan was a highlight of all three of our tours; especially, on the second tour where they headlined and played with and in front of some of their favorite noise acts like Wolf Eyes and Hive Mind. Piasa lived for the road since they were a LIVE act. Adrenaline built show after show. There were ups and downs just like most tours, but the group came back feeling accomplished and tranquil after cathartic releases night after night.
The core of this lineup made it onto the split cassette with Cincinnati digital hardcore/gabber destroyers, Realicide. The group was able to connect to Realicide based on their take on the 21st century punk rock ethos despite the differences in sound and performance. Shortly after getting back from the second tour, Damian, Dylan, and Leo decided that they rather take a more acoustic approach while Scott, Will, and Tristan wanted to stay with a louder, more amplified approach. The time came for the group to part ways, which ended up being the best for everyone. Piasa would go on to play several local shows and do a third tour. Damian, Dylan, and Leo formed Twilight Memories Of The Three Suns, which maintained a collective philosophy for a good while. Friendships between ex-members of Piasa and current members remained relatively well with Scott jamming with Twilight Memories Of The Three Suns and ending up on a recording. Twilight Memories Of The Three Suns went on to put out somewhere around 10 LPs, with the core of the group being Damian. Leo goes underneath "Leo" and performs in other groups from time to time as does Dylan. Both Leo and Dylan have excelled in the visual arts. Scott has continued with his solo project, Nuss, in High Point, North Carolina and has gone on to play several festivals and tour. Tristan has continued making experimental music and is very active with playing shows in Washington DC. Will continued to make music underneath wm. until he moved to Denver and collaborated with some friends out there; he now resides in Seattle.
Scott and other interested members are putting together a 3 cassette discography with unreleased material, further documenting the contributions of the group as a collective. It will be available in the Fall of 2018; just about 10 years since the group disbanded. Detournemont Media will be releasing 50 copies.
Piasa would love any video footage that anybody has of their shows. Feel free to reach the band at woodyyuno@yahoo.com


Piasa Discography Tracks


dt-06 Realicide / Piasa Realicide / Piasa - Split(Cass, Spl) Detournemont Media dt-06 US 2007 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

dt-03 Piasa On Broken Bones(CDr, EP, Ltd) Detournemont Media dt-03 US 2006 Sell This Version


dt-04 Piasa, Kurse Go Back Piasa, Kurse Go Back - Buckwild(CDr, Mixed, col) Detournemont Media dt-04 US 2007 Sell This Version