Real Name:
Sean Graves
PostOmnis is a band from Moore, Oklahoma, United States, formed in 2000. Throughout the bands history, the genre's of the band has included but not limited to: Ambient, Industrial, Electronica, Techno, Rock, New Age and Classical.

The band was first started by Brother and Sister duo Sean and Sheri Graves. The only constant member of the band has been Sean Graves. Graves was originally in a New Age band called YAMA, but after the release of "The Longest Ship." He then left the band to begin PostOmnis. Between 2000-2004 the project released local demos of electronic sounds. Which saw a gradual change in writing style and genres.

2005's Conscience album was the first full length to be release on the internet and feature Sean Graves as vocalist of the band. Two singles were later released from the album on to the internet.

"I was given a chance to live my dream since I was 16 and working on P.O.'s first album. I had facilities at schools and colleges. There were studios, theaters and videos to work on my craft and figure out weather I enjoyed the performance or the production side."

Between 2006 - 2010 multiple albums were released, "Nos Mortuus" dubed as the project's most dark ambient album. "Insomniac People" was more electronic and industrial. The "Equilibrium" album featured the voice of Sean and Sheri's father throughout the album.

2011-2012 A revamp of PostOmnis began when Sean Graves enlisted into the United States Navy. While writing music for the band he had also traveled across the world searching for new sounds. New band members including Lor, Talios Wing, and Kevin (Guitar Guy).

"After taking a long time off from working on the project. It feels really good to talk to people of like minds. People who can hear the music and take it to another world. The project has grown, I'm very comfortable with the new music and it's really exciting to be working again on the craft."


PostOmnis Discography Tracks


CS2006-1 PostOmnis - Conscience album art PostOmnis Conscience(Album) Studio Conundrum CS2006-1 US 2006 Sell This Version
CS2008 PostOmnis - Insomniac People album art PostOmnis Insomniac People(Album) Conundrum Studio CS2008 US 2008 Sell This Version
CS2012 PostOmnis - Equilibrium album art PostOmnis Equilibrium(Album) Conundrum Studio CS2012 US 2012 Sell This Version
CS2015 PostOmnis - Not Another Downpour album art PostOmnis Not Another Downpour(Album) Conundrum Studio CS2015 US 2015 Sell This Version