Anal Pus

Anal Pus

Technical Death Metal band from Moscow, Russia.

Anal Pus history from Artem "BOLT" Nazarov:
Death metal band ANAL PUS was formed in Moscow in mid-1992 by five musicians. The line-up was: Artem "BOLT" Nazarov (guitar); Andrew "KISA" Vorobyov (bass, back vocals); Alexander "SKULL" Filatkin (drums); Alexey "SATAN" Buzinov (vocals); Alexander "ALEX SKULL" Drobnov (guitar). After some time Alex Skull was replaced by new guitarist JARO. Concert debut took place on November 28, 1992. On its basis was made record "Anal Live in the Balashiha Village".
Shortly after this change in the line-up were continues - vocalist SATAN left the band. BOLT takes vocals on himself. Problems in the line-up have not prevented the band to release in March 1993, two demo: "Mortal Massacre" and "Exhumation of Anal Pus Excretor", prepared back in 1992. Genre affiliation the first demo is a Grindcore, second - Death/Grind. The authors of the texts was BOLT and KISA. Further more idiosyncratic english texts "philosophical satanism" prepared by SKULL.
By mid-1993 the line-up was reduced to the trio: BOLT (guitar, vocals); KISA (bass, vocals) and SKULL (drums).
In August 1993 were released the rehearsal demo "Ensurmountable Exhaustion of Disentombed...". Stylistically the record identified as technical death metal. In December, this program was recorded professionally at T.E.F. studio, where was supplemented by two instrumental tracks and intro. Sound engineer - Maxim Lebedev. And was released December 29, 1993 by Pan Records and was later reprinted by many underground labels at the time.
At the beginning of 1995 were planing recording a new album, but the drummer SKULL left the band and record is cancelled. Sometime later, place of drummer takes TERMINATOR (ex-MARTYR). He is debut on the bike-show. ANAL PUS is preparing to record and actively touring. The first tour schedule does not withstand TERMINATOR and soon he’s left the band. In its place comes a drummer MURICH (ex-M.C.D.ead) and have to start all over again. The band actively rehearses, preparing to record a new album, tentatively titled "Miscreance", record the song for the compilation "Iron Marsch (Железный Марш)", touring, but split takes place in the group. And at the festival in Perm instead of KISA, who refused to tour, is going session bass-guitarist ALEX NORD from St-Petersburg. At the festival in Arkhangelsk with ANAL PUS goes bass-guitarist SCHMEISER (ex-Phantasm (5)). Then KISA is returned, MURICH left the band and finally, BOLT in 1998 goes into Merlin (7). The ANAL PUS story is end.
Years later, BOLT has attempted to revive the group with completely new material and new musicians, but due of life circumstances, this idea was abandoned.

Line-up 1992:
Артем «BOLT» Назаров (guitar)
Андрей «KISA» Воробьёв (bass, backing vocals)
Александр «SKULL» Филаткин (drums)
Алексей «SATAN» Бузинов (vocals)
Александр «ALEX SKULL» Дробнов (guitar)


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Anal Pus Unsurmountable Exhaustion Of Disentombed... (Album) Funeral Pyre Productions Belarus 1995 Sell This Version

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