Real Name:Cihan Kaan

Artist based in Venice, California originally from Brooklyn, New York. 8Bit, known for his hardcore techno and music videos, was born after an all-night psychedelia induced Frankie Bones Brooklyn outlaw (the notorious STORM RAVES) some time in the early 90s. Oliver Chesler aka The Horrorist heard an early demo a young Cihan Kaan created entirely on the Amiga 500 on which he had sampled, manipulated and arranged entire songs using the 8Bit outputs of the ancient 68000 Amiga box. Thus the name and music began. Originally signed to Digitalhut Sounds/Brooklyn Music Limited (BML), 8Bit's freshman release was "Emanationz" aka 8bit - Untitled, a 7" white vinyl distributed in Europe and the United States. The sound was characteristically hardcore acid techno. From 1994-1999 he released singles and tracks on various electronic music compilations ranging from techno to electro while simultaneously directing music videos for MTV Amp (for artists Frankie Bones, James Bernard & Atomic Babies.) The final record for the noisecore label Digital Hut was "8bit - War Is EP" Soon after to releasing the full-length 12-inch vinyl the label vanished. Taking matters into his own hands 8Bit then released what would be his first 10 song full-length album on his own label, "8bit - Dead Tracks" followed up with "8bit - Reinterpret" in 2001. Both records had heavy underground techno influences with the latter moving away from the genre into a more experimental zone of acoustic instruments. He continues to release albums and singles. "Neighbor Killing Musak for Post-Millenials", an album of next level hardcore, grime step and electro was released strictly through bandcamp 2011. "Get Over It", appearing on "Telepathic Ethnic Marketing" stars 8Bit in front of the camera instead of behind. Subsequently the previous catalog is now being released through his bandcamp page.

Sites:Bandcamp , Soundcloud ,
Aliases:Boshida Teriyaki, C. Beceriklisoy, Cihan Beceriklisoy, Cihan Kaan, Neil Hammer, Sachu The Sponge Doctor, Temporal
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