Keith Fullerton Whitman

Real Name:Keith Fullerton Whitman

American electroacoustic musician, composer and producer, currently based in Cambridge, MA (born 1973). Works in and runs the Reckankomplex production studio, also known as Mimaroglu. Since 2003 it includes online distributor Mimaroglu Music Sales, specializing in experimental music. Whitman runs Creel Pone label (originally in disguise, under the name Pieter Christophssen, aka Mr. P.C./C.P) and before he used to run Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge (1996-2002) and Entschuldigen (2005-2006; now in hiatus or defunct). He started making electronic music in the mid-1990’s while working on a degree in music synthesis at Berklee College of Music. Formerly known for his drill-n-bass/glitch project Hrvatski, now he predominantly work under his real name (KFW) with dozens of full length albums, singles, remixes, and compilation appearances on many influential labels.

He has collaborated live and on record with many notable musicians and electronic producers, such as Greg Davis, Geoff Mullen, Matmos, Oren Ambarchi, Rhys Chatham, Tony Conrad, Floris Vanhoof, Ben Vida, Eli Keszler, Lawrence English, David Grubbs, Frans de Waard, Malcolm Mooney and Michael Karoli of Can, Felix Kubin, Alan Licht, Charlemagne Palestine, Terry Riley, Deerhunter, JD Emmanuel and countless others.

These days he is mostly doing experimental/electroacoustic/ambient/drone type of music, continually developing his concept of "truly Live Electronic Music" performed on ever-changing hardware-based modular system that allows for a complexity of sound & vision previously only available with software solutions. This work has manifested itself in 2012 as Generators and Occlusions on Editions Mego, both utilizing similar setups to produce very different music.

Over the past 15 years, Fullerton has given 500+ performances of his music, from basement parties to festivals like Akousma, CTM, Dissonanze, Electronica En Abril, Kontraste, Mutek, Présences Électroniques, Sonic Acts, Suoni Per Il Popolo, Unsound, Werkleitz. And also performed works by composers such as Phill Niblock, Dick Raaijmakers or Conrad Schnitzler. Apart from that, he also created some music for dance ensembles, sound design for several videogame and "music for picture" projects, ads, etc.

Record collector, modular synthesizers enthusiast, but also used to be known for extensive usage of Max/MSP and similar software, granular synthesis technique, live guitar processing, field recordings, etc. Used to be Sales-Manager of Forced Exposure distribution, where he wrote hundreds of "capsule" descriptions for new arrivals; nowadays doing the same for his own Mimaroglu Music Sales website and newsletter. , Bandcamp , Soundcloud , Facebook , Wikipedia
Aliases:Anonymous (10), Bondo Smed-Vagn, DJ Hekla, DJ Marzipan, DJ ZapruderFilm, Fritz Dietl, Hrvatski, Kokoskulur, MC Snûdur, Mouly/Hubley/Leroux, Nasturtium, Pieter Christophssen, Russolo, Sick, The Superlatives
In Groups:Any Given Sunday, Gai/Jin, The Finger Lakes, The Liver Sadness




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