Jaakko Salo

Real Name:Jaakko Elias Salo

Born February 22, 1930 in Viipuri (in Karelian Isthmus, back then a part of Finland, nowadays belongs to Russia). Jaakko Salo was a Finnish producer, composer, conductor and arranger. He worked for Scandia since 1950's and had a great influence on the development of Finnish schlager. He was also one of the founding members of UIT (Uusi Iloinen Teatteri), and was their revue writer, arranger and conductor from 1979 to 2002.

Jaakko Salo is also known for composing the music for the films of Spede Pasanen, especially the theme for Uuno Turhapuro -films.

He used a pseudonym Elias Metsä.

Died June 13, 2002 in Helsinki, Finland.

Aliases:Elias Metsä
In Groups:Heikki Laurilan Mandoliiniyhtye, Jaakko Salon Kvartetti, Jaakko Salon Kvintetti, Jaakko Salon Orkesteri, Jaakko Salon Pelimanniyhtye, Jaakko Salon TV-yhtye, Jaakko Salon Yhtye, Old House Sextet
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