Norman Petty

Real Name:Norman Eugene Petty

American musician, songwriter, and pioneer record producer who helped shape modern popular music, including various genres of rock and pop.
Born May 25, 1927 in Clovis, New Mexico, USA.
Died August 15, 1984 (age of 57) in Lubbock, Texas, USA.
Husband of Vi Petty.
Owner & operator of Norman Petty Recording Studios of Clovis, New Mexico.
Petty's name will forever be linked with that of Buddy Holly. At Petty's studio, he produced many of Holly's greatest recordings, and received co-author credit for much of Holly's material. Petty also recorded and produced numerous other hits such as producing Buddy Knox's "Party Doll" and Jimmy Bowen's "I'm Sticking with You", both massive hits. , , Facebook , Wikipedia , , , , ,
In Groups:Charlie Bee Combo, Norman Petty Ensemble, Norman Petty Trio & Ensemble, The Dundeeville Players, The Norman Petty Trio
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