Cama de Gato

Real Name:Cama de Gato

Cama de Gato is a Brazilian instrumental musical group from Rio de Janeiro, composed in his first training (1982) by the musicians Paschoal Meirelles (drums), Mauro Senise (flutes and saxophones), Rique Pantoja (piano) and Arthur Maia (bass).

Throughout its history, has been integrated (not necessarily simultaneously) by Romero Lubambo (guitar), Mingo Araújo (percussion), André Neiva and Nilson da Matta (the latter on bass) and Jota Moraes (piano).

Released his first album, Cama de Gato, in 1986, achieving great success in domestic and international markets, with significant bandage-style instrumental music (75 000 copies at launch).

The quintet toured Europe (France, Belgium and Spain), the United States and Latin America, with presentations anthology at Town Hall, New York, Free Jazz Festival in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (1994, 1996 and 1997), in Jazz Festival Asuncion (Paraguay, 2006) and, last December, the Festival de Jazz de Belém do Pará

After an interval of seven years, Cama de Gato returned to the stage with the show's relaunch CD Água de Chuva (Perfil Musical, 2002), at Mistura Fina (Rio de Janeiro).

The current structure of the band is a quintet formed by Pascoal Meirelles (drums), Jota Moraes (piano), Mauro Senise (woodwinds), Mingo Araújo (percussion) and André Neiva (bass).

Members:André Neiva, Arthur Maia, Jota Moraes, Mauro Senise, Mingo Araújo, Pascoal Meirelles
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