Simon Singh

Real Name:
Simon Singh
Sandman is a dance act from Switzerland, produced by Mark Wyss and Andreas Nager.
Simon Singh, is the son of an Indonesian actor residing in Malaysia anda Swiss born. He spent the first five years of his life in Asia. It should still take some years to Simon Singh's solo career, as "Sandman (18)" could start.
In 1997 it happened: The song "Dancing on the Beach" went straight to enter the charts.

The day on which Simon Singh alias Sandman (18) in Seville showed more than 120,000 enthusiastic fans, his show, he describes today as the most exciting in his life.

After the wave hits the dance floor was somewhat abated, Sandman was a creative break.

In 2006 he's back with the young and promising German producer and musician Chris Endres at his side. In Endres studio in Karlsruhe, Simon Singh has recorded new songs, which will be released as an album.

The 2006 single, "Señorita" was his come-back success.

In 2010 he's come-back as Simon Enderli.


Simon Singh Discography Tracks


TBA MGF 9561-2 Simon Singh - Street Paradise 2006 album art Marc Jones & K-Skill Señorita (Club Mix) Marc Jones & K-Skill - Street Paradise 2006(CD, Comp, Mixed) Magnifique Music TBA MGF 9561-2 Switzerland 2006 Sell This Version