Tungusic peoples

Tungusic peoples

Discogs notice: This artist does not refer to a specific group of named individuals (such as a band or musical group) but rather defines the collective term for eleven indigenous Tungusic-speaking peoples from Russia, China and Mongolia.

Please use this "artist" name (or any language variation thereof, via an ANV) for Tongus, Toungouz, Toungouzes, Tungus, Tungusic, Tunguz people.

Tungusic peoples are: Evenks, Evens, Manchu (Jurchen), Negidals, Nanai, Oroch, Orok, Oroqen, Udege, Ulch, Sibe.


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W 260019 Various Khopu-Khät (as Toungouses Oultch) and 6 more… Various - Russie - Sibérie - Musiques De La Toundra Et De La Taïga (Bouriates, Yakoutes, Toungouses, Nenets, Nganasan) - Russia - Siberia - Music Of The Toundra & The Taiga (Buryats, Yakuts, Tungus, Nenets, Nganasan)(CD, Album, RE) Maison Des Cultures Du Monde W 260019 France 2002 Sell This Version