E-Rotic is a German commercial Eurodance act, originally established back in 1994 by Lyane Leigh and Raz-Ma-Taz AKA Richard Michael Smith. Lyane and Richard had an irreconcilable argument with their manager and left the group to establish their own dance act called S*E*X* Appeal in 1996. It remained a secured secret that Lyane, even if no longer with the group, was still giving her voice to E-Rotic. She can be heard on all releases until "Gimme Gimme Gimme" released in 2000. Lydia Madajewski then took over the vocal duties.

It was revealed recently (and confirmed) that David Brandes was the real voice of every E-Rotic rappers, apart from the very first single.
The rumour is that the first single rap was done by Michael J. Gibbs but that was never confirmed.
Jeanette Christensen was hired to lipsync the parts sung by Lyane Leigh and rapper Terence d'Arby was hired to lipsync the rapping of David Brandes.

Around October 1996, Terence d'Arby left the group and was "replaced" by another frontman: Ché Jouaner.
Jeanette Christensen left the group in 2001, followed by Yasemin 2002 and Lydia Madajewski in 2004.
After their great success in Europe in the mid-90's, E-Rotic had a relative success in Japan.

In 2015 E-rotic made a comeback for the live shows with Lyane Leigh and a new rapper, Stephen Appleton.
New single "Video Starlet", produced by David Brandes, released in spring 2016.
in 2020, the classic E-rotic compilation "Greatest Tits" was first time released on double yellow and black vinyl with new mastering. , Facebook , Instagram , YouTube , X , Wikipedia
Members:Bernd Meinunger, David Brandes, Felix Gauder, Jeanette Christensen, Lyane Hegemann, Lydia Madajewski, Marcus Deon Thomas, Richard Michael Smith, Wunschlos, Yasemin
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