Japanese metal band from Tokyo.

"CEMMENT was started in Tokyo in Japan in 1994 after VARAM was dissolved by guitarist Taichi of the former VARAM latter term. For a member at that time, the vocalist is Abe of former VARAM. The bassist is "32" KONDO of former BLASDEAD. The drummer is AZEKURA of former BLASDEAD. They were these four members.

The sound that they had drawn was the one that the cold of INDUSTRIAL MUSIC was unified to the aggressiveness of THRASH METAL and DEATH METAL. It was called "IN-DEATH-TRIAL METAL". This member released two albums of "LOST HUMANITY" (1995) and "DONOR" (1996) from ECLIPSE RECORDS.

The vocalist changed from Abe into ATSU in around the summer of 1996. And, "ANTITHESE" of the mini album was released 1997. Vocalist's ATSU parted from the band in March, this year though the element of GRIND CORE joined, and the band studied a violence or more sound thoroughly.

The band ceased activity temporarily. And, it upped and about doing from the following age. The drummer changed from AZEKURA into ARAKANE though a new vocalist named SEITA became a member. Abe of the vocalist who was a first member returned to the band while repeating the rehearsal and SEITA seceded. CEMMENT completed "CEMMENT" that became a full album of the third piece for the band by four people (Abe, Taichi, "32"KONDO and ARAKANE).

This album was released from BORN RECORDS in April, 2000. The band takes an intense live performance and the sound along in land in various Japan and is tour. And, the band left various legends until dissolving in June, 2001."

Last known line-up
Abe - Vocals
Taichi - Guitar
Kondo - Bass
Arakane - Drums

Former/past member(s)
Azekura - Drums (1994-1998)
Atsu - Vocals (1996-1997)
Seita - Vocals (1998)

Additional notes
Split-up in 2001


ECR-02 Cemment - Lost Humanity album art Cemment Lost Humanity(CD, Album) Eclipse Records (11) ECR-02 Japan 1995 Sell This Version
ECR-05 Cemment - Donor album art Cemment Donor(CD, Album) Eclipse Records (11) ECR-05 Japan 1996 Sell This Version
ECR-13 Cemment - Antithese album art Cemment Antithese(CD, MiniAlbum) Eclipse Records (11) ECR-13 Japan 1997 Sell This Version
BOR-008 Cemment - Cemment album art Cemment Cemment(CD, Album) Born Records BOR-008 Japan 2000 Sell This Version