Blank & Jones the1uncle

September 15, 2020
Love a bit of B&J. Good for them being such an enduring presence in the EDM sphere.

Their chillout stuff is absolutely immense. The Relax series regularly features their remixes of tracks you wouldn't expect to hear. Such as 'Angel' by Sarah McLachlan and 'Generations of Love' by Jesus Loves You. As well as cover versions ('Snappiness') and reworks of earlier tracks.

However, fuck me, I still get a 'chill' at the PVD remix of 'Cream' (one of the biggest records of '99), the Signum remix of 'After Love', the Jam & Spoon Remix of 'Beyond Time'. Soft spot for 'Flying to the Moon' an all. Cor, what a banger!

Blank & Jones Disparo

October 25, 2018
Can't stop listening them! I started when I was only a student, back in 1998. Like their music so much!

Blank & Jones as reviewed by Srbine

December 4, 2005
edited over 15 years ago
Blank & Jones have been in this scene now for many years. They have done many great albums that has recieved great response around the world. They have also done the magical albums Relax 1 and 2 were they proved that they also can do beautiful Chillout. You can hear on their prouducions that they really works a lot on their tracks that always reults in perfection and great response around the world..

Blank & Jones as reviewed by Raijin

February 26, 2005
edited over 16 years ago
LOL I'll agree with you. Blank & Jones, although they seem to enjoy themselves immensely while spinning...almost to much, they really should work on their mixing. Their performance at Trance Energy 2002 was questionable at best... Their mix of their own track "Desire" into "Marc Dawn - Expander (Flutlicht Remix)" was extremely short and sloppy, and sadly gave the formula for their mixing for the rest of the set. I have no problems with their productions whatsoever though, many a Blank & Jones track have I enjoyed and spun.

Blank & Jones, props for your spirit and production. Take some pointers from those who have gone and mixed before you. *cough*DJ Jean*cough*

Blank & Jones mixxiah

July 23, 2018
Every DJ has made some serious mixing faux pas, just like every musician makes errors while playing live…

Blank & Jones as reviewed by Mr.Fonk

April 18, 2003
Two of the most ludicrous guys in electronic music business.

When spinning, they're behaving like some sort of jumping jacks behind the turntables, and when they've failed another mix they're yelling their battle call "Freuundeeeeeeee"

Blank & Jones DJHere2makeumove

September 4, 2020
Yeah, I must agree Blank & Jones have probably achieved more than Mr.Fonk sitting behind a keyboard bagging DJ's, not cool.

Blank & Jones Mrmilano

April 23, 2018
Your review is now 15 years old, and you may be right, but to today's standard, Blank & Jones are a fine act in electronic music. Miss those days, before it all turned to EDM crappola.