Real Name:Mark Doggett

From Cambridge, UK.

K90 began as Mark Doggett and Chris Hancock, who were work colleagues, making music together in 1991/92. They made a track and didn't know what to call it, so Chris typed in 2 random letters, and two random numbers "K A 9 0". The track wasn't released, but they liked the name and kept it as their stage name. A few months later, they had their first EP signed to then London hardcore label Kickin Records and when they went to sign the contracts, the label boss said "I think you should drop the A [from your name]" so they did, and from then on were known as K90.

Chris later left the group and K90 became Mark Doggett, who is now an experienced writer & producer. Mark has performed in many cities around the world including appearances in U.S.A, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Poland, and is also no stranger to stages of some of the UK’s finer dance events. A list that includes super clubs ‘Godskitchen’, ‘Slinky’ and ‘Goodgreef’, hard dance favourites ‘Sundissential’, ‘Frantic’ and ‘Recoverworld’, and appearances at world renowned dance festivals such as ‘Global Gathering’ and ‘Creamfields’, all culminating in the success of one of todays harder dance music icons.

K90, armed with a string of well known releases including the unforgettable vocal trancer ‘Breathe’, the filtered synth and bass line driven 'Deliverance', and arguably the hard dance anthem of the decade…’Red Snapper’ also boasts the critically acclaimed album ‘Urban Anthems’ to add to his long list of credits. Mark, also a very capable remix artist, has worked on tracks such as the classic ‘Injected with a Poison’ by Praga Khan (Nukleuz), ‘Get a Rush’ by Steve Blake (Tripoli Trax) and 'All Your Bass' by DJ Virus (Recover) to name but a few. , Facebook
Aliases:Drayton, Marc Michaels, Mark Doggett, Sparky Dog
Members:Chris Hancock
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