Craven Faults matt2011

February 9, 2020
edited about 1 year ago
I always love when an artist seems to fly under the radar for whatever reason in the face of releasing some pretty outstanding music. I've been piling up each and every release from Craven Faults since the first EP, and I'm really loving the approach this artist is taking. All kinds of elements are being thrown into the mix, including techno, industrial, Krautrock, and ambient touches, and it's being brought together by modular pursuits and interests. They also have an authentic soundtrack quality that wouldn't sound out of place in a sci-fi/horror movie. The focus and dedication to this approach is really making these releases stand out, and I wonder if these limited releases will find an audience in the near future, making these records coveted and highly-sought after. They certainly should be.

Craven Faults the-true-vine

December 13, 2020
Hey matt2011. I agree: brilliant albums. Enclosures, especially, really blew me away; can't wait to see what he does in the future.