Matti Esko

Real Name:Matti Eskonniemi

Matti Esko (born November 5, 1947 in Oulu, Finland) is a Finnish singer.

Matti Eskonniemi was found by Toivo Kärki in 1969, when he participated in a competition called "Tähtijahti" (organized by Intro-magazine and Finnlevy) in 1969. Matti Eskonniemi's first song appeared on the album "Tähtijahti 1969". Next year his first album came out, called "Pohjatuuli". After this he shortened his name to Matti Esko.

During the 1970's and 1980's he recorded songs like "Lämmin, hellä ja pehmoinen", "Jennie, Jennie" and "Trasselijussin salsa". In 1981 he made a cover of Kenny Rogers' "Lady", called "Yksin", which was a great success. In 1986 he recorded his most known song, which was originally made for an Elovena (Finnish oatmeal brand) advertisement, called "Rekkamies". The album containing the song sold diamond (over 50.000 copies).

In late 1990's he had some health issues and he took a few years off performing and recording. In 2002 he released the single "Pyörät pyörimään", which was nominated for Iskelmä-Finlandia award. Next year the album "Viisi pitkää yötä" was released. After that he has released three more albums and in 2007 a compilation was released to celebrate his 60th anniversary.

Matti Esko is married to Pirjo Eskonniemi (since 1970) and they have two daughters, Kaisa (1971) and Anna (1975).
In Groups:Turengin Rengit
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