Jane Duboc

Real Name:
Jane Duboc Vaquer
Jane Duboc Vaquer (Belém, PA, November 16, 1950) is a Brazilian singer and songwriter.

Born in Belém do Pará, Brazil, Jane Duboc Vaquer is used to singing. At thirteen she participated in philanthropic shows at school, on television and at festivals. In Belém Jane formed a group named “Ilusão” (“Illusion”) and during the time she lived in Natal, she formed a group called “Quartet of the Tri,“ the name being due to the fact that all members of the group had been three times champions in sports and to the fact that the group itself immitated another Brazilian group called “Quarteto em Cy” . Jane Duboc used to take part in many sports events such as swimming, volley ball, tennis and table tennis, winning several medals in local competions. Due to her qualities as sportsperson, the “Assembléia Legistativa” of Belém created the Jane Duboc Vaquer Award in order to incentive all sportspeople in Belém.

At seventeen Jane Duboc was granted a scholarship for the Columbus University. She then moved to Georgia, USA, where she lived for six years. She got married to the musician Jay Anthony Vaquer and had a son called Jay Vaquer, who is currently investing in his career as singer and actor. In the United States, besides acting as singer (she used to sing in bars, night clubs and churches), composer and musician Jane Duboc worked in Advertising. She received an award and starred a tv commercial. At college she not only studied orchestration, lyric singing, flute and dramatic arts, but also taught History of Music.

She returned to Brazil in the 70’s. Then formed the “Fein Jazz Band”, a group that performed only songs in English. She recorded a single ("Pollution") produced by Raul Seixas. The lyrics of the song were considered subversive at that time and therefore censored, so she recorded the song humming rather than singing. Jane also worked with Raul Seixas and participated in his albums. She was a singer in Erlon Chaves’ "Banda Veneno" and was also part of Rede Globo’s choir, recording several opening songs for programs and participated in one of Chico Anysio’s albums (named "Linguinha"). With her former American husband Jay Anthony Vaquer she recorded the album "The Morning Of The Musicians" for RCA, featuring Luiz Eça, Paulo Moura, Noveli and Bill French.

In the 70’s she also went on tour with Egberto Gismonti around Brazil with the shows "Água e Vinho I e II" (“Water and Wine – Volumes I and II”), participating in his CD "Árvore" (“Tree”) as backing vocal and also percussionist. She took part in the “VI FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DA CANÇÃO (FIC)” (an international song festival) performing Sérgio Sampaio’s song "No ano 83" (“In 83”.) She also participated in the soundtrack of the movie "Janaina" (starring Marlene França) and also the play "Encontro no Bar" (“Meeting at the bar”, starring Camila Amado and Otávio Augusto). She recorded the album "Acalantos Brasileiros" (“Brazilian lullabies”) for Marcus Pereira Records and took part in the series "Música Popular do Norte" (“Popular Music from the North”) singing regional folklore songs. That series also featured Elis Regina ("Música Popular do Sudeste") and Nara Leão ("Música Popular do Nordeste.”) She also composed and recorded with Guto Graça Melo the main song of Bruno Barreto’s movie "Amor Bandido." (“Bandit love”)

Jane Duboc was part of “Zurama Jingles”, recording commercials for the companies of Ivan Lins, Eduardo Souto Neto, Tavito and Paulo Sérgio Valle (she sang in Soletur Turismo’s commercial, broadcasted nationwide.) She was also a member of Marcus Spillman’s "Rio Jazz Orchestra" performing music by Duke Ellington and other Jazz musicians. She also featured recordings by groups such as "Os Motokas" and "Os Skates". She also sang with Claudinha Telles and the Group Roupa Nova (formerly known as "Os Famks"). Together they made covers and immitated other singers, such as Alcione.

In the 80’s Jane Duboc also worked a lot. She participated in Rede Globo de Televisão’s festival called "MPB 80" performing the hit "Saudade". She signed a contract with Som Livre and released the single "Cheiro de Amor" (which was also recorded by Maria Bethania and became a hit).

At Som Livre she was a member of the group called "Cantamor", recording two albums. She participated in many of Rede Globo’s TV Specials (Roberto Carlos, Fábio Jr., Pirlimpimpim, Arca de Noé-2, Verde Que Te Quero Ver, among others). In 1982 she participated in another festival ("MPB-Shell”) performing the hit "Tentação" (by Tunai e Sérgio Natureza).

Jane’s most enthusiastic fans and the Official Fan Club “Minas em Mim” have already managed to catalogue more than 100 albuns in which Jane Duboc participated. The list includes albuns from artists like Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Chico Buarque, Hermeto Pascoal, Roberto Sion, Sarah Vaughan and range from albums, soundtracks and recordings for children to English courses. It was not an easy task, considering that in many of those records, the credits go to “Jane”, “Jane Vaquer” , “Jane Duboc Vaquer” or there is simply no credit at all.

Still in the 80’s Jane Duboc went on tour around Brasil in shows with Filó, Hélio Delmiro, Tunai, Aécio Flavio, Peri Ribeiro, Márcio Montarroyos, Toninho Horta and Miucha, among others.

With Toquinho she went on tour not only around Brasil with the show named "Doce Vida" (she was praised by Elis Regina), but also around Italy, where she recorded an album in Milan.

Success and national acknowledgement came with her romantic phase when she recorded the songs "Chama da Paixão" and "Sonhos" back in 1987. Both songs were extensively played on the radio and she had appearences in several tv programs. Such success led to her participation in four soundtracks of Brazilian soup operas, featuring the song "Besame" (by Flávio Venturini and Murilo Antunes) in the soap opera "Vale Tudo."

Few people know Jane’s skills as a writer. She is the author of the following books: "Através de Paredes" (poems), "Jeguelhinho" and "Bia e Buze" (for children). The books for children also became musical plays. Unfortunately the albums with the songs for children have not come out due to lack of sponsorship. However, the books were released by CEJUPE, a publishing company from Pará (their address is Travessa Rui Barbosa, 726 - 66.053-260 - Belém – PA – BRAZIL.

Due to her musical background acquired in the United States, Jane Duboc signed a contract with José Maurício Machline to stage the show named "Movie Melodies", which featured classic movie themes – all sung in English. The show was such a success that the Movie Play Record Company decided to release a CD with the soundtrack of the show. That CD is certainly one of the most beautiful ones of Jane’s career. The show has acquired the status of cult and Jane Duboc is already thinking about a sequel.

MINAS GERAIS: Jane’s identification with that state comes from a long way back. She recorded the song "Manuel, O Audaz" (by the composers from Minas Gerais Toninho Horta and Fernando Brant) in her first solo album in 1980 named "Languidez." The title of the song is because of a jeep she had, nicknamed Manuel, reminding her of the time when she and her mom used to drive around Natal at the time Jane was on tour there.

In 1988 as a gesture of love and affection for composers and her fans from Minas Gerais, Jane Duboc composed and recorded "Minas em Mim" (an album which features mostly songs by composers from Minas Gerais). That album became a TV special broadcasted by Rede Bandeirantes. In 1995 Minas Gerais was honored by Jane Duboc once more: the CD named "Partituras," showing the world that no one else knows how to portrait Minas Gerais through songs (and perform them) like her.

Another feature in her career is the CD "Brasiliano" in which Jane Duboc sings Italian classics in Bossa Nova style. Unfortunately Globo Records released the CD only in Italy.

Another of her greatest moments was the CD "Paraíso", recorded with the late sax player Gerry Mulligan, one of the most respectful Jazz players in the world. As Jane says, it was a musical romance that started back at the time when she was on tour with Toquinho around Italy. The CD “Paraíso” shows outstanding quality and was even released in Japan. By the way, the City Hall of the Japanese city of Gifu, invited Jane Duboc and Roberto Sion to create the CD "From Brazil To Japan" and to make some shows there. Jane Duboc’s voice was very successful in Japan, particularly when she sang Milton Nascimento’s "Canção do Sal". The song was included in Marco Bosco’s CD (with special participation by Jane Duboc, of course) and it was played quite a lot on Japanese radio stations, making the Japanese people sing in Portuguese.

In recent years Jane Duboc has been investing in Advertising, using her beautiful voice in commercials all over Brazil: Riachuelo Department Store, Carrefour, Soletur Turismo, Impulse Deodorant, Eristof Vodka, Brahma Beer, Banco do Brasil, Nabisco Biscuits, Sufflair Chocolates and many others.

That is what Jane enjoys doing: working. She has been entrepreneur for six year. With her partner Paulo Amorim, Jane Duboc opened JAM Music - a record company in Barra da Tijuca – Rio de Janeiro. Famous artist such as Angela Ro Ro, Célia, Zé Luiz, Tunai, Beth Carvalho, Alaíde Costa, Oswaldo Montenegro mingle with newcomers whom Jane Duboc is betting on!

In 2002 Jane Duboc was invited by Maestro Nelson Ayres to sing with Edu Lobo and the Israel Philarmonic Orchestra (conducted by Zubin Mehta), one of the five best symphonic orchestras in the world. The show took place in Israel.

It was also in 2002 that Jane Duboc celebrated her 30 years of career. The CD "Sweet Lady Jane" (JAM Records, 2002) was mastered in New York and produced by Ivan Lins, being praised by the critics and considered one of Jane Duboc's best cd's. There were shows in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Brasília in order to promote the release of the CD. She was accompanied by an orchestra with 30 musicians e and special guests such as maestro Nelson Ayres. Jane Duboc also made a VCD (approximately 15 minutes) with photos of her career, from her childhood to the period of "Sweet Lady Jane."

In 2003 as part of her celebration of 30 years of her career, Jane Duboc made one of her dreams come true: she released her first solo album ("Languidez" - 1980) on CD through JAM Music, her recording company. The album features a wide range of outstanding Brazilian musicians such as Djavan, Toninho Horta, Oswaldo Montenegro, Márcio Montarroyos, Hélio Delmiro, Luiz Avelar, Sivuca. Among the songs are "Que Outro Dia Amanheça", "Manuel, O Audaz" and "Saudade." In October 2003 Jane Duboc was invited by the awarded maestro Marcelo Ramos of the Symphonic Orchestra of Minas Gerais to make a symphonic spectacle to celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of the composer Ary Barroso, also born in Minas Gerais. That was the first time that a symphonic orchestra made such tribute. The show was recorded and became a TV special.

It was also in 2003 that the record company "EMI Music South East Asia" included Jane Duboc as a representative of Brazilian singers to be part of the CD "PINK - CHAMPAGNE", a collection that features worldwide famous singers like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Sarah Vaughan, Liza Minnelli, Edith Piaf, Nina Simone, Judy Garland, among others.

In 2004 the record company "Universal Music Polska" released the CD "Rendez-Vous On The Jazz Boulevard" - Vol. 2 in Bulgary. The CD is a collection that includes Jane Duboc among worldwide stars such as Norah Jones, Diana Krall, Natalie Cole, Josefine Cronholm, Patricia Kass, Roberta Flack, Laura Fygi and Julie London.

Rede Globo de Televisão through the program "Ação" gave Jane Duboc and Celso Viáfora the award "Ação 5 Anos" acknowledging the work being done at Barracão dos Sonhos in Paraisópolis, one of the inner cities in São Paulo.

In March 2005 Jane Duboc was invited by Ricardo Queiroz to sing with Wagner Tiso and Victor Biglione in the annual Latin Music Festival in Vantaa, Finnland. The show was also exhibited in Brazil and it was very applauded. In August 2005 Jane Duboc released the CD called "Glow" (Argus Records), which included six songs in English composed by Jane and never recorded before, featuring the marvellous song "Spend the night". She also made a version in English for the song "Chama da Paixão", a great hit all over Brazil and now released in Japan. Her next project is the new CD "Minas in blues" in honor of Minas Gerais and the DVD "Dear Ella" in honor of Ella Fitzgerald.
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