Jon Doe

Real Name:John Pitts

UK Hard Dance DJ, producer, remixer & audio mastering engineer.

Jon Doe of mid 90's hardcore later made hard dance records from 1998.
Formed semi fictional rave group CLSM in 2002 which campaigned successfully for Radio1 to play Hard dance and hardcore music, choosing Kutski for the Dj to carry out that role.

CLSM tracklisted Ministry of sound Hardcore classics, selling over 150 000 copies gaining gold status.
Work with Gavin Foord includes CLSM, Maximus Baxter and FooR.

FooR mixed Pure garage which reached number 9 in the uk compilation charts.
The track 'Fresh' by FooR is the current Coors light advert 'Fresh Climb' campaign.

Jon Doe and Gavin Foord currently produce records for Tyrone. , Bandcamp , , Facebook , Facebook , Facebook , Instagram , Mixcloud , MySpace , Soundcloud , X , YouTube
Aliases:Beat Factory, Chavbots From Outta Space, CLSM, Colin Meon, D (6), D-Frag (2), D.H.S.S., Dave Thomas (25), DJ Bookings, DJ Ned, Flava 'N' Divine, JD303, Jon Pitts, Lymington Rot Club, New Ground (2), Nosurname, Peacemaker, Warp 3
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