Green Nuns Of The Revolution


Full-on, acid drenched psychedelic - goa trance music project from the UK.
The group was initially formed in 1994, when Matt Coldrick and Sev Burden were sharing a flat. Coldrick was working as a session guitarist and composing soundtracks for natural history films, while Burden was a psychedelic trance DJ. Together they made their first recording, The Whirling Dervish, which was produced by Peter Smith from The Hypnotist and released on Triumph Records, before Burden left the country to travel. In the meantime, Burden had introduced Coldrick to the sound engineer Dick Trevor, who had been on the techno / trance scene since the days of Castle Morton. Having established their Blaglands Studio, Coldrick and Trevor released a series of recordings that began with Conflict / Cor on TIP Records in 1995 and included Atomic Armadillo, on Flying Rhino Records’ compilation Boyd In The Void. Radio exposure from such DJs as Danny Rampling, Annie Nightingale and John Peel broadcasted their sound around the UK, before the Green Nuns played a number of live shows, including the Brixton Academy, The Trinity Centre in Bristol and the Liberty Science Centre in New York. While performing on a session for the soul singer Gabrielle, Coldrick met the keyboard player Neil Cowley, ex-member of The Brand New Heavies, who soon joined the group to work on new tracks for the project's debut album Rock Bitch Mafia, released in October 1997. The group also produced a number of remixes for other artists, mainly as Tufáan. In late 1998 they released the Green Nunions EP, the final Green Nuns Of The Revolution recording. Coldrick, Trevor and Cowley have continued to record and produce as solo artists since then.

Sites:Facebook , Soundcloud , MySpace
Members:Dick Trevor, Matt Coldrick, Neil Cowley, Sev Burden


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