Leroy Gomez

Real Name:Leroy Gomez

Born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts; by the age of 14 had already formed his own band. Having worked with local bands and mastered vocals and saxophone, he was lured on tour with Tavares, taking him around the U.S., Canada and Europe. He fell in love with Paris and decided to make it his home.
Worked as a session saxophone player and vocalist, with many artists, including: Patrick Juvet, Gilbert Becaud, Claude Francois and Laurent Voulzy. Played saxophone on Elton John’s album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.
His first solo success was the single Here We Go Around, an instant hit in France. This led to a chance meeting with producer Nicolas Skorsky who was keen to break into the disco scene. Skorsky brought Gomez together with studio musicians to form Santa Esmeralda.
Gomez remained with Santa Esmeralda until the fourth release in late 1978, Beauty when he was replaced by Jimmy Goings.
Gomez continues to be active in the recording world, mainly as a saxophone player. He's played on releases by Jose Manuel and Jose Feliciano. He was the first foreign artist to be presented the "Gondola d'Oro" of the Venice Music Festival. He currently tours Europe, both as a solo artist and as part of the re-formed Santa Esmeralda.
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Aliases:Lee Roy (10)
In Groups:Santa Esmeralda
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