Real Name:
David Potter Christman
DJ Chicago (born April 14, 1946) is a Psy-Trance DJ and producer, closely associated with Raja Ram and GMS.

For the Rock band please use Chicago (2).
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November 1, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
I saw Chicago playing a DJ set in Copenhagen back in August '05... I really don't know much about the guy and the net offers no info about his real identity or history, so I'm a bit fascinated. He seems to work closely with the GMS guys quite often. Anyway, his DJ style was technically impeccable, and he tended to play the tracks almost fully (something I do like)... The set was almost completely 1200 mics tracks, especially from their latest album - also some GMS and at least one Skazi track. So, pretty "cheesy", eh!? Yes, this guy is all about one thing - FUN! He was in a great mood, smiling, laughing and taking off like the maddest guys on the floor... Age is no barrier, this is really the "grandpa" of light fullon. All in all I must strongly recommend seeing him if you enjoy this kind of music, it's a fond memory of mine!

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