Scott Brown

Real Name:Scott Alexander Brown

Born: 28 December, 1972 in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Dance music producer and founder of the Evolution Records stable. Considered to be one of the most important figures in the Scottish music scene. His unique Bouncy Techno sound helped start many other artists on the world scene. As well as producing various material from Gabber to Trance, Scott has also hit the charts with his band Q-Tex and had numerous other recordings released all over the world. , MySpace , X
Aliases:Annihilator, DJ Equazion, Dream Collective, Firestarter (2), Futuretribe, Genaside, Genetik, Hardcore Authority, Hardware (3), Lord Of Hardcore, Mook (2), Mr. Brown, New Style Anarchists, Orbit (2), Plus System, Punisher (2), SP 12, The Scotchman, Trance Fiction, X-Tech (2)
In Groups:Analogue, Bass Reaction, Bass X, De-viation Crew, Equazion, Hyperact, Interstate (3), Kinetic Pleasure, Marc Smith vs. Scott Brown, Massive, Q-Tex, Queens Boro Crew, Renegade & Static, Sub Source
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