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Scott Alexander Brown
Born: 28 December, 1972 in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Dance music producer and founder of the Evolution Records stable. Considered to be one of the most important figures in the Scottish music scene. His unique Bouncy Techno sound helped start many other artists on the world scene. As well as producing various material from Gabber to Trance, Scott has also hit the charts with his band Q-Tex and had numerous other recordings released all over the world.
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12DJGLOBE325 Scott Brown - I Would Stay album art Scott Brown I Would Stay(2x12", Promo) All Around The World 12DJGLOBE325 UK 2004 Sell This Version

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October 3, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
Undoubtedly Scotland's finest producer in the Hardcore / Happy Hardcore field.

The man has been at it since 1991, and his productions stand as testament to his incredible passion for the music.

You don't need to look for a specific track, just look for Scott Brown.

Q-Tex, Genetik, Lord Of Hardcore, Plus System, Massive, Sub Source, Bass Reaction, Dansatak, Hyperact, Genaside...

...all Scott Brown.

Don't just stand there, go berzerk!


July 15, 2015
Guy played big part in my youth. Had 90% of his vinyl in 96. Awesome imagination for stuff he brought out to us. Disco cog uses my videos for reviews ???? Thankyou


June 2, 2015
It's amazing to think he's been at it for over 20 years, and still making good stuff!


December 9, 2014
If your a hardcore fan you will have heard Scott. Both his UK hardcore and Dutch style sets have a quality bounce-vibe that others don't bring. If you haven't heard him live you need to!


July 12, 2011
scott brown is by far the worlds greatest ever hardcore dj and producer, and will never be beaten. ive been listening to his vibes since 1995 and his material never gets old. sheer brilliance


January 31, 2008
Scott Brown is also one of my favourite djs, from his early stuff like "now is the time" to "elysium" to "turn up the music" and his awesome uk hardcore of today like, "Hardcore Hustler", "Flow" "Back & Forth" To his collaboration with Cat Knight in "All about you" to the latest tunes like "Always on my mind" with DMO, To his excellent gabber productions, "Boomstick" "Self Destruction" (Neophyte Records). There is not one Record Label this guy has not appeared on, For Example Raverbaby - Remixes of Your Shining / Your my Angel Next Generation - Remixes of Mindpunks / Eye Opener / Crazy Love. This guy owns his own new sister label Evolved Remixing oldskool classics like memories (ufo remix) and lost generation, do it like we do, Also the label Evolution Plus, With tunes like Come on, Elysium Plus, Fly with me. This guy is an absolute legend and will continue to be until the day he dies and well after.

Scott Brown, I salute you.


May 1, 2007
edited over 11 years ago
H2DC02E will never die and Scott Brown is proving this point, although he was rumoured to be very money orientated i think the music he has made will forever be remembered. Although the scene now is very sparse the commercial scene is very alive with the youngsters listening to cheesy/happy hardcore and this is really where Mr Brown thrives because even though he has released the likes of go bezerk and bang the drums etc a lot of his evolution label was connected with the happy/party sound. He shall always be revered in my opinion as one of the main hardcore creators.


December 5, 2004
edited over 13 years ago
Scott Brown is by far my favourite Hardcore producer and Dj of all time. I Have grown up with his music and he has been an inspiration for me. As a producer myself I would be happy to achieve half of what he has !!! Also he is an all round top bloke who always has time to chat, Which is rare in the Dance music scene.


October 6, 2003
since first listening to one of scott brown's records,back in'98'in glasgow,iv not stopped yet!&even more so,got every friend of mine listening to his hardcore. as iv followed him through the years,he is still the greatest &most of all still my number 1!! love you scott brown!!

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