Billy Lee Riley

Real Name:Billy Lee Riley

Born October 5th, 1933, in Pocahontas, Arkansas
Died August 2nd, 2009, in Jonesboro, Arkansas

Billy Lee Riley was an American 1950's Rockabilly singer, best known for his recordings for Sun Records of Memphis.
Performed as part of the "The Little Green Men", the "house band" at Sun.
Considered good looking and with wild stage moves, Riley had a brief solo career with his backing band "The Little Green Men".

In 1960, he left Sun, and started Rita Record label with Roland Janes. He later started two other labels Nita and Mojo.

In 1962, he moved to Los Angeles and worked as a session musician with Dean Martin, the Beach Boys, Herb Alpert, Sammy Davis Jr. and others, as well as recording under various aliases.
In the early seventies, Riley quit music to return to Arkansas to begin his own construction business.
Rediscovered by Bob Dylan in 1992, who had been a fan since 1956.
His album Hot Damn! (Capricorn, 1997) was nominated for the Grammy. , Wikipedia ,
Aliases:Daaron Lee, Lightnin' Leon, Skip Wiley
In Groups:Billy Lee Riley & The Spooks, Billy Lee Riley And The Little Green Men, The Megatons, The Rockin' Stockin, The Spitfires (3)
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