Lars Muhl


Danish vocalist, keyboardist and composer, b. 1950.

Active in bands: Dragon Fly (1967), Daisy (1968-1974) and Warm Guns (1979-1984), solo from 1985.

Daisy released one LP and a few singles, but it was with Warm Guns Lars Muhl became known to the danish audience. Though following the breakthrough of Punk and New Wave in Denmark, Warm Guns - and especially Muhls writing - owed a lot to the crooners and Elvis Costello.

Though never a household name in Denmark, Muhl's writing skills have always been highly appreciated by other artists, and his songs have been covered to an extend that in 1996 earned him the WCM's Songwriter's Million Certificate for reaching 1 million records sold with his songs on them.

When the sympathetic Muhl hit personal and financial hard times, danish artists recorded a benefit compilation of his songs: From All Of Us ....

In 1999 he released a career spanning compilation and officially retired from music to focus on writing novels and therapy. , Wikipedia
Aliases:K. Of C.
In Groups:Daisy (13), Warm Guns, Muhl & The Pets
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