Nobuyoshi Ino

Real Name:井野信義 / Nobuyoshi Ino

Japanese Jazz bassist, composer, born 26 March 1950, Gunma Prefecture Japan.
He grew up in Tokyo and graduated from 暁星高校 (Gyousei High School).
He also appeared in the club scene as a member of the R & B band at the time he was in school.
In 1969, After leaving high school, He joined The Bluebell Singers and
made a big hit 昭和ブルース (Showa Blues), but he withdrew from the group.
Immediately he studied classical contrabass.
In 1971, he encountered 高柳昌行 (Masayuki Takayanagi) and entered the jazz world.
As a Japanese top bass player, he participated in so many recordings in combination with 日野元彦 (Motohiko Hino).

In Groups:"Jojo" Takayanagi Second Concept, Air (6), Aki Takase Piano Quintet, Aki Takase Trio, Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra, Choi Sun Bae Quartet, Four Sounds, Fumio Itabashi Trio, Hidefumi Toki Quartet, Hidehiko Matsumoto Quartet, Hiroaki Katayama Quartet, Hiromasa Suzuki Trio, Kazumi Watanabe Trio, Kazuo Imai Quartet, Kenji Mori Quartet, Kenji Mori Trio, Loco Takayanagi Y Los Pobres, Mabumi Yamaguchi Quartet, Masahiko Sato Trio, Masahiko Togashi & Improvisation Jazz Orchestra
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